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Interplanetary Internet

2nd Topic

Jhoirene Clemente

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Interplanetary Internet

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Jhoirene B. Clemente Interplanetary Internet ESA Sojourner Rover in Mars Deep Space Station In January 2004, Store and Forward When Phoenix Lander landed on Mars Why not standardize? TCP/IP works well with terrestrial Internet Why not use TCP/IP? TCP/IP Assumptions Improve interplanetary communication
for space explorations AIM: OBJECTIVE: Create a network architecture that deals with long delay and disruption between communicating spacecrafts. Delay and Disruption
Tolerant Network (DTN)
Architecture 24Kbps 128Kbps Celestial Motion

Long Distances Several Factors
we have to consider Examples of DTNs Design Principles
Bundle Layer < = > Internet Layer

1. It forms an overlay that employs persistent storage to combat network interruption.
2. It employs hop by hop transfer of reliable delivery responsibility and optional end to end acknowledgment.
3. Includes a number of diagnostic and management features.
4. Basic security model.

Bundles < = > Packets

Bundle[ Source, Destination, Data ] Long messages

Persistent storage within the network

Security Mechanism Network Design Principles Minimize the number of roundtrip exchanges

Should cope with failure after restart

Should inform the network of the importance of the data Application Design Principles Example: Routing Routing: Broadcast, Multicast, Anycast

Take note that the network has

Asymmetric Responsibilities
Long distances (Delay)
Celestial motion (Disruption)
Dedicated channels Future Work IPN Pioneers
Vinton Cerf, Interplanetary Internet (IPN)
Kevin Fall, A Delay Tolerant Network Architecture for Challenged Networks, (2003)
Image Sources
Vint Cerf, Tedtalk presentation
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
IPN bringing networking into space, Lloyd Wood References Store and Forward zmescience.com wikimedia Ion Stoica, Spring 2001 wikimedia LLoyd Woods' IPN presentation JPL
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