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Susanna Dickinson

Prezi on the famous survivor at the Alamo, Susanna Dickinson.

Ansh Jain

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Susanna Dickinson

Susanna Dickinson
Survivor at the Alamo When and where she was born Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson
was born in Williamson County,
Tennessee. She was born in 1814,
but the actual date is unknown. Education Susanna never actually had
a formal education. She was
married off at the age of
15. When she was 22 when
the Alamo fell, she was
still illiterate. Where she lived Susanna lived in many places during her life. She was born in Tennessee, and she moved to live at the Alamo with her husband, Almeron Dickinson, at age 15. After the Alamo fell, she went on to live in Gonzales. After the Runaway Scrape, Susanna had to move to east Texas until the war was won and Texas was a republic. After that, Susanna moved to Houston, Texas. Susanna stayed in Houston for a very long time. Afterward, Susanna moved to Lockhart to the land grant her first husband left her. Susanna later moved to Austin, Texas with her final husband, and that is where she died. Jobs Susanna's first job was at the Alamo, where she helped the soldiers. When Susanna moved to Lockhart many years later, she used her skills as a hostess and a cook to set up a boarding house so she could support herself and her daughter. There, she met her final husband, Joseph W. Hannig, and he was a cabinet and furniture seller. The couple moved to Austin, and Susanna lived happily until she died. Where and When Susanna Died Susanna died in Austin, Texas on October 7th, 1883. She lived for 68 years. Importance during the Texas
Revolution Susanna had a big impact on the Texas revolution. She helped the soldiers at the Alamo do chores so they could focus on the war. If it had not been for people like her, the soldiers at the Alamo would have been a lot less prepared. Texas might have lost the war, and we would be speaking Spanish right now. Also, she was a messenger for Santa Anna to let Sam Houston know that Mexico was invading. Without her, the Texans might not have been ready for the Mexican Invasion. 3 Fun Facts 1)Had 5 husbands ... and only one child.
2)There are 3 different spellings of her name written on her tombstone; Susanna, Susana, and Susannah.
3)She had one of the first divorces in the country. Susanna Dickinson and her 15 month old daughter Angelina Elizabeth Dickinson, Susanna's daughter
and the, "Babe of the Alamo." House Almeron
first husband Modern-day Austin, Texas Susanna's Life Iceberg Tip of the Iceberg

What everybody saw A normal
woman with
a husband and
daughter living
a normal life Rest of

What she
really went
through -Had 3 bad marriages
-Faced Abuse
-Seen people kill each other at the
Alamo In conclusion, Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson Williams Herring Bellows Hannig (that's her full name) lived a very sad and hard life. But she still pushed through and managed to make a big contribution to the Texas revolution. Confederate
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