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Rubik's Cube

No description

history project

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube
Rubik's cube hits the Market
Speed-cubing Competitions
World Obsession
By: Arthiishgar S, Lhashaghan N and Ahilan N
What is a Rubik's Cube?
What is its purpose?
Introduction to Rubik's Cube
History of the Rubik's Cube
Facts about the Rubik's Cube
Quick Quiz
When was it created?
Who created the Rubik's Cube?
History of the Rubik's Cube
Ernő Rubik
Born in Hungary in 1944
Why was the Rubik's Cube Created?
1975: Deal with Hungarian toy company was made
1979: Hungary agreed to share the Rubik's Cube with Ideal Toy Corporation
1980: Rubik's Cube hits Western Market
Renamed the Magic Cube to "Rubik's Cube"
To date, more than 300 million Rubik's Cube have been sold
First speed-cubing competition held in Hungary in 1982
The God Number is 20
F = Front side of cube (facing you)
U = Upper side
L = Left side
R = Right side
D = Down side

Shortest number of moves it takes to complete the Rubik's Cube
Took a team of researchers almost 15 years
F = turn front side clockwise by 90 degrees
F' = turn front side counter-clockwise by 90 degrees
U = turn upper side clockwise by 90 degrees
U' = turn upper side counter-clockwise by 90 degrees
2U = turn upper side by 180 degrees
(clockwise or counter-clockwise...it doesn't matter)
R = turn right side clockwise by 90 degrees
(clockwise, as if you were facing it)
R' = turn right side counter-clockwise by 90 degrees
Fun Facts about the Rubik's Cube
Quiz Time!
How many different possibilities are there?
Works Cited
His motivation for the cube was sparked by a structural design problem.
The purpose of the Rubik's cube was to invent a cube with squares on the side that were adjustable and were able to move independently without having the entire structure fall apart.
When he later put the design together he added colours to signify where and when a square would completely be rotated. The first Rubik's cube he made was 3x3x3.
Rubik's invention got so popular by the 90s it attracted a massive following.

This following was made up of speed cubers who timed themselves solving Erno’s puzzle
Cubers were not just a following but an entire generation themselves.




Rubik's Magic
Rubik's Magic: Master Edition
Rubik's Snake
Rubik's 360
Other Inventions
Did you know?
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