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Composition of Film: Movement

No description

David Baumann

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Composition of Film: Movement

Camera Movement
Understand the difference between:
Zooms/Dolly: Camera moves towards or away from object
Pan: Camera moves left, right, up, or down
Quick zoom: startling effect; can be unsettling
Vertigo shot: Zooms in, and dollies out
Slow pans: often used as establishing shots--reveals the enormity of a setting
Crane shots: offers pan and zoom mobility
Other techniques...
Again, speed matters...
Quick editing vs. hardly any at all. What's the effect?
One more thing:
That last clip from Goodfellas was an example of a tracking shot as well. This would not qualify as editing, but rather camera movement.
Be able to differentiate this from camera movement
When two discontinuous bits of film are spliced together.
The director is going from “shot to shot”
Composition of Film: Movement
Steadicam: often used for 1st person perspective, or meant to make the viewer feel "there"
Shaky Cam: very popular today; creates a realistic atmosphere
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