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The History Of Mixed Media Art

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Jess E.

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of The History Of Mixed Media Art

The History Of Mixed Media Art
Early Collages
Beginnings of collages as art began in 1913 in France
Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were pioneers in using new materials
Expanding the limitations of painting
Hirshhorn Art Museum & Sculpture Garden
Founded by Joseph H. Hirshhorn
Hirshhorn donated his private collection of art to start gallery (6,000 works of art)
Museum designed by Gordon Bunshaft
Museum opened in 1974
Shows artwork from collection and traveling exhibitions
"Over, Under, Next : Experiments In Mixed Media, 1913-Present"
An art show that shows a variety of mixed media art
Includes older works (Cornell, Kiefer) and
art (Cave, Hamilton)
Mario Merz
Italian artist
Major figure in the "Arte Povera" movement
Used materials for their metaphorical qualities
Influenced by math and nature
Dan Steinhilber
American artist (from Wisconsin now lives in DC)
Uses common items (such as clothes hangers with paper on them) in uncommon ways
Jim Hodges
American installation artist
Uses a large variety of materials (traditional to nontraditional)
Nick Cave
American artist (born in Missouri, now lives in Chicago)
Famous for his "Soundsuits"
Uses a large variety of materials and works in many media
Now works at the School Of the art Institute In Chicago
Contemporary Mixed Media Art
Very broad category of art
Can include collages, paintings, or sculpture
Can also include installation art (a 3-d work of art that is site specific)
Via "Over, Under, Next" Exhibition
Georges Braque
French painter
Worked with Picasso to created the "Cubism" movement
Also worked in a style of art called "Fauvism" (wild beasts)
Used bright colors in early work and neutral colors in later work.
May 13, 1882 – August 31, 1963
Pablo Picasso
One of the most famous artists in history
Spanish artists who made paintings, drawings, sculpture, collages, and more
Co-founder of "Cubism"
Abstract style of art
October 25, 1881 – April 8,1973
Drawing by Jim Hodges
Josef Albers
German artist
Influential in the Bauhaus movement
Famous for his "Homage To Squares" paintings
Made mixed media collages out of found objects, paint, and more
Joseph Cornell
American artist
Self-taught artist (did not study art)
Famous for his shadow box "assemblages"
Also made experimental movies
Influenced by old objects, fantasy, and memories
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