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Simple Past

No description

Romina Lueiza

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Simple Past

Simple Past Tense To talk about actions or situations in the past.

1) Action Finished in the Past

Example: I visited Berlin last week

2.) Series of completed actions in the past

Example: My mother went to the mall last Saturday The Simple Past Negative Sentences Examples Examples:


- SHE DIDN'T GO HOME The negative form of all verbs in the simple
past, always use the auxiliary "DID”. I
They + Did not / Didn't + Infinitive Form of the verb 1.- Karilis applied for a new job____________________

2.- Alexis and Steven studied for the test_______________

3.- Johanna cried because she was ill_____________________

4.- Jonathan and Gyselle were absent_____________________

5.- Moises and Carmen made themselves dinner________ Exercises More Exercises!! 1.- We use was/were to talk about past events

Example: I was a student from 1995 to 2007

2.- We use there was/there were to talk about something in the past


- There was a football match in the park last week

- There were two hundred people at the wedding Be in the Past Simple 1.- Anna didn't stay/stayed at home

2.- Mick didn't sing/sang jazz

3.- Ben didn't fly/flew with him Exercises Choose the correct form of the verb for each sentence. The verb "to be" in the past is "was/were".

I / He/ She/ It --------------> was
We/ You / They -____________> were

In the negative form of the simple past just add "not" to was or were.

I/he/she/it - wasn't (was + not)
We/you/they - weren't (were + not)
The woman was not/wasn't at the party
They were not/weren't not buying food Negative form of "Be" in the Past Simple 6.- You and David got a good mark on the quiz_________________

7.- Celi and Gladys ate at Mc Donald's

8.- Kathyana and Michael went to the movies

9.- Lizbet and Yamilett did their work

10.- Jordan and his family enjoyed the trip
_____________________ Change the sentences into the negative form 4.- The dog didn't caught/catch a lot of rabbits

5.- Bill didn't ride/rode his bicycle yesterday

6.- The moon came/come out last night

7.- Jessica give/gave her tooth to her mother 8.- We went/go to the zoo last week

9.- My friends and i saw/see a movie last night

10.- Tom wear/wore a blue jacket last Friday

11.- The baker made/make a delicious cake

12.- They took/take a picture of you dancing
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