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Project proposal run 3

No description

Yentl Ellens

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Project proposal run 3

Our solution to the project problem Projects problem Project environment Workpackage 1 Workpackage 4 Workpackage 8 Workpackage 9 Problem m8? CDWH ONS HL7v3 mirth connect mirth connect Standardization ! Lectorship
ICT- innovations in Health care
Biggest clicical hospital
5300 employees over a 1000 beds The educational and research component of isala klinieken funding for stimulation of research and innovation projects which incorporate an university of applied sciences. University of applied sciences in Zwolle
20.300 students 1800 employees adaptive health care
ambitious Department 1 Department 2 Department 3 Needed information incorrect or incomplete the process wastes resources like i need information Effective
Structured surely this can be done more: convert from to CDWH Datamarts CDWH i use MGRID
and mirthconnect i retrieve data from a datamart i send data to the CDWH Datamart! Test enviroment i need information but i use an external system called ONS CDWH Datamarts What is the impact of introducing a CDWH to my organization and my clients? Benefits
Solutions research costs benefits delivery analysis Desired Happy Employes

Healthy Patients

Helpful Organization outcome i got my information! This saves alot of struggles and worries ONS Prone to error
Time consuming Suplier Database software CDWH My data is sensitive! how am i going to protect it Legal : European law US law
*(patriot act) Art. 16 forbids to
processing -/- Religion -/- Life principle -/- Political creed -/- Health -/- Etc. CDWH CDWH NEDAB ONS Mirth connect HL7v3 Opertation: 1234#a$ 1234#a$ sensitive data Deliveries Report describing solutions AHH! now i have some options Dutch law
*(Art. 16 WBPG) Gather info Hack on CDWH Hack on
HL7v3 Hack on
mirthconnect Receive data DM DM Hack on DM hack on
NEDAB/ONS decryption Hack on
decryption data
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