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Coraline: Hero's journey

No description

Lauren Sudak

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Coraline: Hero's journey

Coraline Jones moves into a new house, where she is isolated for the summer, and is very bored.
Call to adventure
Her parents leave for a flower catalog and tell her to explore the house, and she find a hidden door in the wall
Refusal to call
Coraline is weary of the door when her neighbor Mr. Bobinsky tells her that his mice said not to go through the door, and also when Mrs. Spink (her other neighbor) spies danger in her tea leaves. But to help her, Mrs. Spink gives her a little item with a hole in the middle which will help her "seen the unseen"
She doesn't heed the warnings and goes through the door. As she does she finds a new world, where everything is almost identical to hers, but its a more fun, better world. Here is where she finds her other mother and father.
The Challenges
Coraline thinks it's a glorious world where everything just seems to seem better than her home world. After a while the other mother gives her an offer of letting her stay there forever, but Coraline would have to agree to sew buttons onto her eyes. Horrified Coraline returns to her home world to find that her parents have gone missing. Her cat leads her to a mirror in her house, and in it her parents are trapped. She figures out that the other mother stole them from her. Mad and lonely Coraline goes back through the door to find them.
Coraline: Hero's journey
The Abyss
When Coraline goes back the other mother tries to convince her again to sew buttons onto her eyes, but yet again she refused. Angry with Coraline, the other mother traps her in a mirror. In that mirror Coraline meets the three children that had already been there, and that have already accepted the mothers proposition of sewing buttons onto their eyes. Eventually the other mother became bored with them, and stole their souls and locked them away. After Coraline was let out (Continued onto the next slide...)
...she proposed a deal with the other mother. If she finds her parents, and the three ghost childrens souls, then she will set everyone free. Accepting the deal coraline set out to find everyone. Fighting off her deformed other dad, the malicious Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible, and fighting off Mr. Bobinskys fighting mice. She finds three of the souls but has yet to find her parents. Trying to outsmart her ther mother, she says her parents are in the door (her way out). After she cunningly outwitted her other mother, she found her parents, went through the door, and ran back to the real world.
After she returns to the real world, she finds her parents have no recollection of the capture, but she doesn't care. After all of this she learns to appreciate her parents more, and to try to enjoy her new life in the house
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