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Freder Chen

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Vikings

The Viking Timeline Started at 790 With their longboats Raided Lindisfarne 793 AD Killed the monks Burnt the rest Became famous around Europe Beginning of the viking age Began a legend 800 Viking raids continue
around the English coast. 793-795 Attacked the monasteries of Jarrow, Monkwearmouth, Rechru, St. Patrick, and St. Columbia Came from scandinavia 844 - 845 Vikings raid Seville in Spain,led by Ragnor, travel up the River Seine in France, French King pays a ransom to prevent the sacking of Paris 860 Attack Constantinople (Istanbul) 835 Oseberg ship burial in Norway. 862 Vikings found Novgorod in Russia 865'Great Army' of Danes invades in England. 866 Danish Vikings establish a kingdom in York, England. 871 -Alfred the Great becomes king of Wessex; the Danish advance is halted in England. 874 Vikings settle Iceland 878 - King Alfred defeats the Danes in battle. They agree to stay in the Danelaw (the north and east of England). 900 One group of Vikings settles in a farm at Ribblehead in Yorkshire. Viking settlers continue to live in parts of Scotland. Vikings from Norway settle in parts of north-west England. 900 Vikings raid the Mediterranean coasts
and establish rule over north Scotland 911 -The Viking chief Rollo is granted land by the Franks and founds Normandy in France. 954 - The last Viking King of York, Eric Bloodaxe, is expelled from the city as Saxon kings regain control of northern England. 981 -Viking leader Erik the Red discovers Greenland. 986 Vikings land in Canada 995 -Olav I conquers Norway and proclaims it a Christian kingdom. 1000 -Christianity reaches Greenland and Iceland. 1000 -Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, explores the coast of North America. 1000 - The reign of the Saxon King Ethelred. The Vikings begin attacking England again. 1001 Land in America 1002 King Sweyn of Denmark Invades England 1042 -Edward the Confessor rules England with the support of the Danes. 1050 Vikings found the city of Oslo in Norway which is established as a major trade center. 1016 -The Danes under Knut (Canute) rule England. 1066 -Harold Godwinson king of England defeats Harald Hardrada king of Norway at the Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 - William the Conquerer who is descended from the vikings defeats the Saxon king Harold at the Battle of Hastings and invades England
1100 - End of Viking Age Beginning End
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