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Good Seed Collective (Matthew 13:24-43)

a family of sent servants, making Jesus followers together.

Jeff Pankratz

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Good Seed Collective (Matthew 13:24-43)

What We Do
#3- Send Leaders
Jesus' and Paul's teachings lay out a plan to train regular people, most with jobs and families. Sent by the Holy Spirit, they reach others with the Gospel, gather them into new church families, and network across key cities. Like adult kids leaving home, we too must multiply!
good seed collective

What Nourishes Us-
Praying Together
In the book of Acts, small communities of Jesus followers would gather in homes or public spaces to simply ask God for boldness and courage to explain and demonstrate Jesus' gospel- even to people that hated them. Prayer nourishes us in what we do.
What Sustains Us-
God's Word, The Bible
Hebrews 4:12 says that God's Word is 'alive and active' to minister deeply to our souls. Romans 15:4 says God gave us His Word to give us hope. The Bible daily refreshes us for our mission on earth, and daily reminds us that Jesus will return for us and build a new heaven and earth.
God's Word sustains us in what we do.
What We Do
#1- Seed the Gospel
We love to share God's story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration (Col 1:15-23). At the gym, coffee shop, working or playing, we live out the gospel in words and deeds. We love people, listen to their stories, and welcome them into our family on Jesus' mission.
What We Do
#2- Strengthen Followers
Jesus and His apostles modeled being in community with others. Older guys and gals would raise up younger ones, in settings where people can support each other. Our churches are extended families on Jesus' mission- eating, singing, learning, & growing together.
Who We Are-
Families of Sent Servants
We get our DNA, or roots, from the very identity of who God is. The Bible says God is a holy and loving Father, a sacrificial Son Jesus, and a sending or empowering Spirit. God, as Trinity, is building us as a family of families, sent to serve our cities, and welcome others to follow Jesus.
share the vision with us at cmcmovement.wordpress.com
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