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Spanish: Topics of Debate

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McKenna Cichocki

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Spanish: Topics of Debate

Bullfighting Issue: There is a controversy over bullfighting is Spain because many people think it is a beautiful tradition and art form and others thinks its animal cruelty and should be put to end immediately. Pros
Bullfighting is positive because:

One, it is a tradition that has been going on in this country since ancient times that people see as an art form.
Two, up to seven bulls are killed every Sunday and the remaining meat is given to the poor.
Three, bullfighters are looked up to by the young in Spain for their courageousness, strength, and grace, they also inspire the future generations. Issue: Women want to be thinkin of as equals to men but many people think that a society ran by men would be much more easier to handle and less confusion but women then again some women want to fight for their rights to do everything a male can do. & Cons Although bullfighting can be seen as a good thing there is also another side to it. For example:

One, it is very gory and matadors are killed every year, the risks these people take have no place in human society.
Two, it is an unfair fight because a matador is armed with many weapons to weaken the bull, as a bull only has itself
Three, "torturing" a bull for entertainment is a horrible thing. Pros: Machismo can be a good thing because:

One, women aren't expected to do anything while her husband goes out to work for the day.
Two, it would make things more simple for everyday life for both male and female
Three, women would not be expected to go to work, care for the children, and care for the house all in one day, so one huge thing that takes up most of the day would be gone which would be work. Topics of Debate Machismo & Cons
Although machismo can be considered a good thing there are also bad things about it for instance:

One, women no longer see themselves as equal to men.
Two, the only person working in the house would be the male which means less money coming into the family.
Three, it is okay for men to whistle at and touch random women because they think they are good looking http://m.guardiannews.com/world/2005/apr/08/gender.spain?cat=world&type=article


http://debatepedia.idebate.org/en/index.php/Debate:Bullfighting Sources
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