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People's Temple

No description

Maria Manuel

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of People's Temple

Move to Jonestown
Due to the media and police cracking down on the temple, Jones and temple member Tim Stoen prepared an immediate action contingency plan which included fleeing to various different countries.
Jones chose Guyana due to its socialist policies and moved there with 500 followers in 1974 and created 'Jonestown.'
Jones saw Jonestown as both a "socialist paradise" and a "sanctuary" from media scrutiny.
By 1978, Jonestown was over populated with over 1000 followers
Jones promised that Guyana would be a 'paradise' or 'Utopia'
However, when Jones arrived in Jonestown life significantly changed, by the town going into disrepair and school studies turned into lectures from Jones about revolutions and enemies.
Membership and appeal
The peoples temple appealed to various people of a wide range of social backgrounds.its charismatic leader drew many in on his ideologies. It appealed to black people through its message of equality and a fair society.
What was the people's temple?
The Peoples Temple was a new religious movement founded in 1955 by Jim Jones in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Start of Jim Jones career
Organizational Structure
1-Although some descriptions of the Peoples Temple emphasize Jones autocratic control over Temple operation, in reality, the Temple possessed a complex leadership structure with decision-making power unevenly dispersed among its members
The 'Death Tape' (Jones speech beore the mass suicide)
This movement had similar teachings to Biblical Churches and christian revival movements
"Those who remained drugged with the opiate of religion had to be brought to enlightenment — socialism."
During the month of June in 1952, Jim accepted a position as a student pastor at the Somerset
Methodist Church in Indianapolis where he would become a reverend.
In 1965, The Temple moved to Red Valley, California due to criticisms in Indiana over Jones' intergrationist views. It then moved to San Francisco in 1970.
Integration: the free association of people with different racial and ethnic backgrounds
His first true public appearance was in 1953 in Detroit at a interdenominational missionary seminar and from then on, his reputation grew and continued growing
People's Temple
2-In the early 1970s, the Temple established a more formal hierarchy for its socialistic model. At the top were the Temple's Staff, group of eight to ten unquestionably obedient college-educated women that undertook the most sensitive missions. They acclimated themselves to an "ends justify the means" philosophy
3-The Temple's Planning Commission was its governing board.
4-group of rank-and-file members, consisted of working-class members that were 70–80% black who set up chairs for meetings, filled offering boxes, and did other tasks
They often went on freeways for recruitment and accepted all individuals
The End of Jonestown
On November 14th 1978, Congressman Ryan Lewis flew to Jonestown in order to investigate the abuse that ex-members had accused Jones of.
Ryan saw that the place was in disrepair and that Jones was sick and was ranting about conspiracy theories.
When Ryan and the rest of his party left, many people including Vernon Gosney, asked to be escorted out of Jonestown with them.
When Ryans party arrived at Port Kaituma, they were ambushed by a number of the temples members, many of them died or were heavily injured.
Back at Jonestown, Jones persuaded the members o the temple to drink a flavoured drink that was poisoned to cyanide to commit "revolutionary suicide"-918 people died, Jones was found with a gun shot to his head.
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