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Northwest Mounted Police


Stephen Schram

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of Northwest Mounted Police

North west mounted police first started in 1874 as a reaction to the cypress hills massacre The massacre was a black mark in the opening of the west in which a group of 35 men, women and children Aboriginals of the Assiniboine tribe were killed by a group of American wolf poachers the Government of Canada had little recourse but to develop a National police force made up of only 300 members to keep the peace in an area of more than 6 000 000 square km This would eventually grow in the the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, one of the largest National Police forces in the world. It continues to be an enduring symbol of Canada What would happen if someone from another country or city wanted to take your house or all of your property?
How would you protect it?
How would the government enforce it's laws Today the RCMP service Canada's aiports, border, rural areas and cities. In many places, even today, they are still the only force between order and total lawlessness THE DUTIES OF THE POLICE FORCE WERE TO KEEP THE PEACE, PREVENT CRIME, CATCH CRIMINALS AND STOP THE TRADING OF ILLEGAL ALCOHOL, SOMETIMES CALLED 'WHOOP UP BUG JUICE', THAT WAS SOLD TO ABORIGINALS they looked like this Cypress Hills, was located near Fort Walsh on the present day Saskatchewan & Alberta border, also near present day Lethbridge they now look like this RCMP
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