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How Has The Telephone Changed Over Time?

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Ashna Jagadisan

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of How Has The Telephone Changed Over Time?

How has the telephone changed

By: Ashna J 620
-Canadian invention

-invented by Alexander Graham Bell

-invented in 1876
-first telephone: electromagnet telephone

-first invented by Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell and his invention
Alexander Graham Bell
-Born in Nova Scotia

-Born March 3, 1847

-Died August 2, 1922

How it works
through mic
Diaphragm pushes carbon
Current flows
through carbon
Magnets by
the receiver
1. 1664-Tin Can Telephone

2. 1876-First telephone
was built (electromagnet telephone)
3. 1889-Pay Phone
4. 1896-Wilhelm Candlestick
5. 1919-Rotary Phone
6. 1905-Outdoor Phone Booth
7. 1948-Western Electric Model 500
8. 1956-Ericsson Mobile Telephone
9. 1956-Cordless Phone
10. 1973-Motorola DynaTAC
11. 1980s-Airfone (airplane phone)
15. 1982-Mobira Senator (Car Phone)
16. 1989-Motorola MicroTAC
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17. 1996-Motorola StarTAC
18. 1999-Blackberry
19. 2000-Sharp J-SHO4
20. 2005-Motorola RAZR V3
21. 2007-Current-Apple iPhone
22. 2008-HTC Dream
23. June 21, 2013 Samsung ATIV S
*Pre-orders starting June 14*
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-The telephone has evolved fast

-even cell phones have evolved a lot

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Everything has changed.
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