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Color Symbolism

No description

Mr. Laffin

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Color Symbolism

Colors have meaning!!!

Colors found in literature:
-can symbolize a feeling
-can foreshadow an event
-give you character traits.

Color symbolism is when:
-we interpret the meanings of colors
-to analyze a character
-to analyze literature.
Reminder: What is "symbolism"?
Examples in Literature
When two opposite things are put together in contrast
-usually on purpose
--> to make a point

Let's build our knowledge!
What colors can you think of that are symbolic in a book you've read?
Color Symbolism
Here are some universal symbols:
Colors have symbolic meaning.
Use these meanings to:
-add depth -add meaning
-get character traits -predict events
-passion/ love,
-bravery/ leadership
-all things intense and passionate
-flamboyant (demanding of attention)
-sunshine/ the sun,
-cowardice (weakness),
-good luck,
-renewal/ rebirth/ growth,
-fraternity (brotherhood),
-Peace/ tranquility,
-calm/ stability,
-harmony/ unity,
-trust/ security
-depression/ sadness
-Royalty/ nobility,
-maturity/ old age,
-sophistication/ formality/ elegance,
-fear/ evil,
-mourning/ death
-Earth/ outdoors
-stability/ comfort
-Unification/ unity,
-Love and romance,
Let's switch gears to "The Hunger Games" trilogy,
President Coriolanus Snow wears a white rose on his lapel, BUT...
Take a look back in your color notes, what does the color WHITE symbolize?
Now, describe President Snow using CHARACTER TRAITS:
Be prepared to share your answers.
What is going on here?
direct symbolism and juxtaposition.
Where a color represents what it means.
Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series wears a purple robe. He is very wise.
The color PURPLE (wisdom).
Where a color is used in a deliberate, purposeful contrast to make a point.
The color WHITE
(purity, peace).
President Snow from the Hunger Games series is not pure of heart nor is he a peaceful person. This is shown through his actions (for example, carrying out the hunger games and changing the rules as the game is played).
Be aware!
Color symbolism can be used
two ways in literature:
-power/ strength,
-high achievement,
-great value/ wealth,
-represent ideas
-represent qualities

(in literature

Give me a 'thumbs up' when you're ready to share.
Be prepared to share your answers.
Give me a 'thumbs up' when you're ready to share.
The color white symbolizes purity, peace, innocence, and good.
President Snow, however, is NOT good. He is an evil dictator responsible for the murder of many of the citizens of Panem. He has a corrupt heart and does not believe in peace.
In Harry Potter, the students of Gryffindor are:
brave, daring, and show courage.
Their house colors are crimson (red) and gold
The students of Hufflepuff are:
friendly, loyal, and avoid competition.
Their house colors are yellow and black.
The students of Slytherin are:
ambitious and determined (growth), and fraternal (harmony).
Their house green and silver.
The students of Ravenclaw are:
witty and intelligent (smart) and welcoming (peace/friendship).
Their house blue and bronze.
Albus Dumbledore
is not only very wise, but he is also very old.
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