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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Alan Thomas

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Message in a Bottle "One – a rather sinister-looking early 20th-century medicine bottle – contained a lined sheet of paper. This read "Dear Mary" and was followed by the phrase "I love you, I love you, I love you … " repeated until it filled both sides. It was meticulously signed Robert Fisher, with an address in Hull; the house turned out to have been demolished by bombs in 1944."
How does this message in a bottle relate to the story?
Why is the image, or trope, or meme, of a message in the bottle so powerful? The Sea Do you like the sea?
What do you associate with the sea?
What part does the sea play in Brazil's national identity?
Do you agree that "The land is 'this green, gentle and most docile earth.' The sea is violent, dangerous, inimical"? Sea Story by A. S. Byatt Falling in love "When he fell in love it was an immediate shock which was at once absorbed into his inner landscape...."
Have you ever fallen in love like this?
What suggests that Laura and the narrator are meant for one another? "Then he closed the bottle tightly, and rowed out in his boat to where he knew, from his grandfather's work, that the currents could possibly take the message as far as the Sargasso Sea. He held it up to the light, solemnly, and then dropped it into the water where it moved, apparently purposefully, away."
What does this act show?
The ending "Harold married a fellow poet, had three daughters whom he loved, strode along Filey Beach collecting plastic bags and debris, retired and died. Laura had died long ago, caught in the micromeshes of her netting when her boat capsized. "
The real ending "Fires raged and floods drove through streets and houses as the planet became more and more inimical to human life. The sempiternal nurdles, indestructible, swayed on and under the surface of the sea."
Is this how it will end?
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