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Fix a Leak Week

No description

Devon Razey

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Fix a Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week 2013
Fix a Leak Week: Step 3
Fix a Leak Week: Grand Prize Winner!
Fix a Leak Week: Costs
Adult Aquarium Pass: $18.19
Child Aquarium Pass: $14.45
Postage: ~$10-$20 per package
Collage Thank-you Postcard Printing: <$1,000
One Gillian's Island Package: $345
Fix a Leak Week: Step 1
Fix a Leak Week: Step 2
Every family who sends a photo will be entered to win four day passes to Adventure Aquarium, two adult and two child.
Every package comes with a Thank-you post card printed with a collage of the photos collected.
The cutest & most creative Pint-Sized Plumber will be chosen as the winner of an
all-day party package at Gillian's Island Water Park
, scheduled for any day of the summer 2014, at family's choice. Package is good for ten guests and two spectators, and includes pizza and soda.
201 Packages Sent: $4,020
800 Aquarium Passes: $13,056
1 Lucky Party Winner: $345
201 Postcards Printed: <$1,000
Total: $18,421
Tell People to get Involved
Ask folks to send in photos of their Pint-Size Plumbers checking for leaks!
Get involved!
Save your money!
200 winners! Wow!
By: Devon Razey, Amanda Stout, Danielle DeHart & Samantha Cupps
Receive a Leak Detection Kit in the mail!
Team Pup N' Suds
Anyone with a social media account. Being a NJ American Water customer is not a prerequisite.
Make people aware.
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