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Digital Banking for ACB

No description

Matthew Martin

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Digital Banking for ACB

Digital Banking for ACB
Business feedback
Online Strategy
Continue Development of ACBO
Continue Development of mobile APP
Migrate to Internet Portal and merge with acb.com.vn
Develop new mobile banking platform
ACB Strategy
Mode 1 Development
3.1 The Digitaization project (ECM và BPM)
Provide a means to transport processing of routine transactions from branches to a centralized back-office
Migrate customers from paper to E-forms
In the future architecture of the BPM and ECM systems, it will enable continuous migration to digital processing and continuous improvements to workflows as required
The pilot processes in phase I include: Open accounts, Domestic Payment, Open card, International payment, L/C issuing. Next phase, we will consider the Credit processes…
3.2 ACMS (CRM) system:
The system of record for customer information and profiles, include the demographic profile, financial position and behaviour (the usage of mobile devices, how customer shopping and products/services comparison)
ACMS will also measure campaign activity from inception to lead generation to closure, ACB can track all campaigns (E-newsletters, sale links…)
3.3 Build The ERP system:
Deploying the centralized accounting and procurement model
Rationalize and intensify control for financial processes, procurement and warehouse management process
Support the creation of management reports as requested
Support the creation of single standard data source at the bank
Create the solid foundation in order to meet the development requirements of the bank in the future
Support the implementation of process that continue from start to finish on ERP system
Establish the standard related governance processes

New Mobile Bank
New Platform (Widget-based)
Mobile First
Series of APPS
Account Management
Card Management
Notification and alerts
Secure 2-way messaging
Graphic Presentation
Mobile - Online product set
Gamification - Badges, Contests
Corporate APPs
Payment approval and authorization
Account notifications and alerts
Secure 2-way messaging
Bill presentment and payment
Others as requested by Commercial Banking department.

IT Digital
Strategic Plan
1.1 “Look and Feel”
Review all website pages about design, content of provided information as well as the workflows and fields on the transaction page.
There is a seamless transition between the website and the online banking pages, without the latter becoming too cluttered by transactional fields
Create smart advertisings for the group of target customer based on their financial records or profile
1.2 Develop new features and functions
Add potential products such as Insurance and Wealth management service for consumers
Develop E-forms both to website ACBwell as intergrate into the ACBOnline pages
As customers increasingly share experiences and preferences over social media, ACB can build interfaces to these networks including online registration, sharing of social contacts, informations…
Live-chat, Call-back
Besides, ACB will provide personal financial management tools such as spending analysis, goal-saving
Improve, edit or convert the current features/ utilities from counters to ACBOnline channel following the needs from Business divisions
The website and ACBOnline will be fully bilingual Vietnamese and English
Continuing to deploy Mobile Banking App for Commercial Banking Division that included features: Account information, Transfer and Payment
- Edit and improve The current Mobile Banking App, which based on Business requirements of E-Banking department

2. Transaction banking for Commercial bank includes:
- Supply Chain Management:
- Cash Management
- Trade Finance
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