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Copy of Final Visual Aids Presentation

No description

Nur Hidayah

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Final Visual Aids Presentation

Foundation Handouts Multimedia Speaker Why use visual aids? In summary... Visual Aids Types of multimedia Choose. Prepare. Use Basis for choosing visual aids A A dd interest ids presenter udience Research supports... After 3 days Approximately 83% of human learning occurs VISUALLY P P P rofile of audience resentation type lace Types of visual aids Multimedia Speaker Handouts Objects Graphics Objects Anatomical Models Volcanic Models Insect Specimens Animal costumes Fill in the blanks worksheets Note taking for powerpoint slides YOU are a visual aid! Drawings Charts & Graphs Photographs Flipcharts & Whiteboards Videos Powerpoint Characteristics Distribution Neat organisation
Accurate content
Chronological Before or after?
Sufficient handouts Large enough for audience
Enlarged photographs Readable colours (markers)
2-3 colours Purpose of graphics Organise information
Visual enhancement Size Text Colour Short and sweet
Legible handwriting/ fonts Powerpoint slides
Videos Fonts Background Effects Execution Phase Size: 28-34
Colour: Readable
Emphasis: Bold, Italic, Capitalise Colour
Pale & cool tone
Light fonts on dark background vice versa
Edges of slides
Bottom of slides Limit transition effects & animation Projection of each slide: min 30 secs
Don't allow powerpoint to overpower you! Powerpoint Presentation Video/audio aids Purpose
Duration Ensure to download video before presentation! Ensure object is large enough to be seen
Be prepared to pass it around
Conceal large props until needed Types of objects Props
Models Body Gestures Power of facial expressions No back-facing the audience
Hand movements
Standing positions Impact of emotions as a tool
Connote facial expressions with message of speech Maintain eye contact Sustain audience attention
Ensure equal distribution of attention between speaker and visual aid Choice of attire Dress for your audience
Pay attention to details
Avoid distractions
Be comfortable Whiteboards/Drawings/ Flipcharts Graphs and Charts Purpose 1. Compare changes
2. Compare relationships
3. Bring facts to life Advantages Easy to visualise (esp for numbers)
Interesting W A T E R ary of failures- Have backup plans ppropriate for audience ime the use of visual aids xplain visual aid ehearse to familiarise with aid A Syafiqah
Nur Hidayah Bibliography http://oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/sites/default/files/Preparing_and_Using_Visual_Aids.pdf







http://libweb.surrey.ac.uk/library/skills/Presentation%20Skills%20Leicester/page_55.htm Graphics
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