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New Member Meeting 1: Sigma Kappa is a Journey

Sigma Kappa Promise program

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of New Member Meeting 1: Sigma Kappa is a Journey

Welcome to Sigma Kappa!!
Vice President of Scholarship
Liz Mitchell
Mentorship in the Chapter
Opening Promise
Symbols and Insignia
Ice Breaker!
Now we're going to play 2 Truths and a Lie!
Use your index card to write down name, where your from, 2 truths and a lie. We will try to guess which one is your lie!
Personal Growth: Bound by a Promise to be the best person you can be.
Service: Bound by a Promise to model service and leadership in your communities, especially within Sigma Kappa
Friendship: Bound by a Promise to demonstrate sisterhood and friendship throughout life.
Loyalty: Bound by a Promise to remain loyal to Sigma Kappa and to living its values in all that you do.

Pg 6 in Promise Book
Vice President of Finance
Meghan Ruddy
Follow along on pg 15 of Promise Book

On back of index cards:
Classes you are in
This is for Pearl Sisters. Make sure you turn it in!!
New Member Fee
Initiation Fee
Badge Fee
Per Capita Fee
National Insurance Assessment
Local Dues
Housing/Furnishing Fees
Parlor Fees
Social Dues (where applicable)
This is the payment system that Sigma Kappa uses to pay our semester dues to National Headquarters!
My Act #: 1479339
Vice President of Membership
Christine Murray
Christine is going to go over the New Member Recruitment Evaluation forms with you!!!
These give us feedback about the recruitment process so next year will be even better!!
Pgs 9-11 in Promise Book
Opening Promise
I promise to support the ideals
and standards of Sigma Kappa,
to strive for the development of fine character
intellectual and social culture,
and to serve my Sorority and
my college loyally and well.
And to each sister,
I pledge my devotion, cooperation,
and loyalty.
Pg 7!
Badges and Pins
Triangle Badge:

New Member Pin:

Order of The Triangle Pin:
Colors and Symbols
Sigma Kappa Colors:


Wild Purple Violet

Dove and the Heart
Coat of Arms:
When wearing pins wear them on the
left side over your heart!
Heart Sisters:
Heart sisters are older girls who we will pair with you. You will get a new heart sister every week up until Big/Little reveal!
Big Sister/Little Sister:
Big/Little allows you to form a close bond with a girl in another pledge class. This helps to create unity throughout the entire sorority and is a lot of fun!!!
Code of Conduct & Risk Management
Sigma Kappa has a set of rules and codes that our sorority must follow in order for its members to be safe!
Sigma Kappa's Policy on Social Events:
Here are a few rules that you need to know for our upcoming cocktail:
Announcements and Reminders
Cocktail is this Thursday!!
be at the house at 9:10 to get on the buses! You are required to ride the bus there AND back!
Be on the look out to hear from your heart sister! She will be contacting you this week!
Next Sunday for our New Member Meeting dress for pin! This means dress in something you would wear to church. No Jeans, no spaghetti straps, wear nice sandals/shoes!

Please take a minute to fill out the Reflection Page in your Promise Book. Pg 16
Doing these reflections will help you get more out of being in EK and are a great way to help you retain what you've learned!
Closing Promise:
For these I shall strive each day: an alert mind,
a sense of loyalty, a spirit of service,
and a happy heart.
Have a great week!!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Enjoy dinner upstairs and stay for the informal meeting.

Thanks for coming!
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