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Should University Be Free?

No description

Jessica Lin

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Should University Be Free?

Cant afford university?
The top ten most expensive universities in the entire world are in the United States. Presently, estimates show that student debt has surpassed $1 trillion. Many experts have also warned that the outstanding student debt, which is a direct result of the terribly high prices for attending universities, may hurt economic recovery. Seven in 10 college seniors (71%) who graduated last year had student loan debt, with an average of $29,400 per borrower. Additionally from 2008 to 2012, debt at graduation (federal and private loans combined) Studies even show that student loan debt will exceed median annual income for college grads by 2023
Education Leads to a Better Life
Beneficial to
our Nation

The first benefit is that it is an extensive economic booster to our society. In the growing global marketplace, we need students to excel in math and science to compete internationally as engineers, scientists, physicians, and creative entrepreneurs.
The second benefit is the development of leaders in society. The more educated people we have in our nation, the more possible leaders we have. The young people studying in universities right now will become the leaders of the next generation. We do not want our next great leader to be lost simply because he did not have the money to pay for a higher education in his youth.

Right now, the U.S is ranked very low in terms of education systems. On the contrary Finland, which has repeatedly proven itself in yearly surveys that it is amongst countries with the leading education systems in the world provides state funding for university education. We can’t argue with the facts.
Finland is widely recognized for having one of the top education systems, and we can only hope to climb up the charts from our ranking of having an “average” education system by imitating the practices Finland has in place- free universities being on of the most important.
Opening Statement
All universities in America should be free. Why?
Equality for Deserving Students
1. Those who have reached the academic standards in order to get accepted into a university should be provided with an equal opportunity to be educated
Better Future for Americans
2. The importance of college education to any individual- it is the foundation for your future life
Stronger Nation
3. Economical and leader development
Financially Secure Adults
4. The present consequences of student loan debts
Higher Educational Standings
5. Our education system is not working- our students are ranking very low compared to other industrialized nations
Should University Be Free?
Education Impacts Your Future
The amount of education one gets directly correlates to their quality of life. A free post-secondary education can and will lead to a happy, healthy and all round successful life. If free university education is the route to a more successful America we as a nation should be willing to endorse this change.
Why is it so important that everyone has the chance to attend university? Having a good education in your youth serves as the foundation for the rest of your life.

College degrees are becoming more of a necessity to make a living in your later life. In order to acquire a job that pays a living wage, receiving the proper education in your youth is needed. A poor person could grow up with the same early education, potential and mind of a rich person. But, he can be rejected by the society in the future simply because he did not have the money to afford the university. Those who are unable to attend university right now because they are in difficult financial circumstances are being placed in a very tough situation for the future.

Comparing the U.S
Education is the most important thing you can have. You can go anywhere with an education. We as humans need currency to get around and basically live. You will not have that if you do not have a job. A (good) job is acquired through an education. If you cannot afford an education, then are you considered a failure? A poor person can grow up with the same education, potential and mind of a rich person. But, he can be rejected by the society in the future simply because he did not have the money to afford the university.
The cost of making all public higher education free in America would be between fifteen and thirty billion dollars. While this may sound like a large sum, it could actually save money. First of all, the government is currently spending billions of dollars on for-profit schools and other colleges and universities that have very low graduation rates. In fact, what is going on in the state of California is that as students get priced out of the University of California, they either drop out or go to community colleges. Meanwhile as community colleges are defunded, they are forced to cut their enrollments and raise their fees, and the result is that students end up going to high-cost for-profit schools that have a very low graduate rate. In other words, in the current system, everyone pays more, and we produce fewer graduates.

Student Loans
Opposing the Other Side
Currently, only 30% of Americans who start college or university end up graduating, and this represents a huge waste of time and money. If students did not have to work while in school, the graduation rate would improve drastically, and students at universities could graduate in four years instead of six or more years. In fact, the biggest reason why students drop out of higher education is that they cannot afford the high cost of tuition.
The Answer is Yes!
Equal Opportunity
To live up to our name as a country of equality, we must provide the same opportunity for education to both impoverished and wealthy students.

Since there are certain standards to be accepted into a college, those who are lazy unmotivated in their academic studies will not be a factor in this situation. For higher education to be available to you, you must have already proven yourself through the workload and effort you put forth in grade school
A university-educated populace is a great value
to any state, and provides two main benefits.
"What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of someone who can't afford an education?" -Unknown
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