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OUES Student Employment

Updated 8.23.13

Angel Flowers

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of OUES Student Employment

Conference Assistants
Building Managers
Basic Job Duties
Guest Services
Ticket Office
Open Monday - Friday, Noon to 5pm, Open one hour prior to ticketed performances.
Student Employment Basics
Ohio University Event Services
Basic Job Duties
The Wow Factor
Ticket Sales - in person and telephone
Customer Service/Patron Interaction
Cash Drawer Reconciliations
Cap and Gown duties during Commencement
Act as a Primary Source of Information about Ohio University and the Athens area
Deliver Quality Customer Service in person and via telephone
Manage Recreation Equipment and Newsstands
Set Up Crews
"The community and professional development opportunities."
"Working for Event Services means you are running the heart of campus through which the blood flows."
"OUES teaches you responsibility, accountability... the money is cool... and gives you the opportunity to work with other student employees and the administration."
"...because we radiate excellence!"
"A very organized department to work for... many opportunities for leadership and growth!"
"It's a great way to network and improve your professionalism."
"To build relationships that will last you through college and beyond."
"Baker Center is a great learning experience. I have used experiences here during interviews!"
"Great Teamwork!"
"Everyone takes a genuine interest in your well being as you develop not only as a student and professional, but also on a personal level."
"Event services gives students the opportunity to think critically, display passion for the job, and build themselves on a personal and professional level."
Assist in event logistics and event operations.
Stage Manager
Production Assistant
Event Technician
Provide on-site management of production equipment and venues.
Operate Yamaha M7CL console at Memorial Auditorium
Live mix School of Music Jazz concerts, hip hop artist, etc.
Maintain JBL audio systems and Crown amplifier equipment.
Assist Broadway touring shows head audio in setups and tear downs.
Maintain working condition of ETC source four lighting fixtures.
Design lighting effects for School of Music "Hallowpalloza" and other variety show events.
Write lighting cues on ETC lighting consoles.
Assist in lighting equipment hangs for touring concerts
Oversee all production related logistics per event.
Responsible for production crew management.
Provide cue-to-cue management for rehearsals and show performances.
Reservations Assistant
Customer Service
Take reservation requests for Baker University Center, Memorial Auditorium, Walter Hall Rotunda and outdoor spaces
Educate customers on policies, procedures and the use of the online virtual reservation system
Answer phones and assist walk-in customers with their needs
Assist in maintaining production audio, lighting, and rigging equipment.
Provide hospitality needs to traveling artist and crew.
Maintaining clean and presentable dressing rooms and lounge spaces.
Work with promoter to organize "meet and greets" with performing artist.
Assist Event Services administration with office duties for major events.
Work closely with clients to develop a unique event experience in a friendly environment.
Provide daily customer support for Baker University event spaces.
Setup, operate, and strike audio and lighting systems per event basis.
Assist in maintaining Event Services production and conference equipment.
Work closely with Building Managers and Conference Assistants to provide clients a great experience.
Be an important behind-the-scenes member of the Event Services team.
Jordan Ratz: Operations Coordinator
Contact Information
Tim Epley: Business Manager
Jeremy Schaffer: Associate Director of
Production & Operations
Lureen Bailey: Administrative Assistant
Angel Flowers: Graduate Assistant
"...you can do ANYTHING."
"Besides the amazing professional development opportunities, I met some of my best friends working for Event Services."
Responsible for the night and weekend operations of Baker University Center, in lieu of the Director, Associate Director, and other department heads.
Taking supervisory responsibility and authority over all Center employees working during the evenings and weekends, as well as for the use of the Center and its activities. While it is expected that s/he will review the routines of the employees and the Center itself, s/he has the authority to alter those routines, as special circumstances deem necessary.
Building Managers must possess good oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to make decisions.
The direct set-up of conference rooms, lounges, and programming spaces, as well as light custodial duties throughout the building.
A team member with the ultimate goal of providing excellent customer service to all guests, staff, and fellow students using the Center.
Will report directly to the Building Managers, and are under the direct supervision of the Associate Director of Baker University Center.
Training will be provided on the use of all audiovisual equipment, and other expected duties.
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