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No description

ana maria

on 5 November 2017

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We arrived there and we were greeted normally by the waiter, but we were not shown to any table, so we
had to find one ourselves. The restaurant was moderately crowded, and we immediately noticed that
there was only one waiter serving the whole establishment, and he did not even have an assistant waiter
to help him.
Later on, he brought us the food. He didn’t remember who ordered what, so he asked us individually which meal was ours, which is not professional at all. The salt and pepper bottles were more than half empty, which also gave a note of unprofessionalism. The food itself was tasty, and we enjoyed everything we ordered, which was definitely a plus.
The inside was decorated quite lovely, with several paintings, statues and even a piano.

All in all, our experience at Bistro de l’Arte consisted of both good and bad impressions, and while it was not exactly the high class service we were hoping for, we wouldn’t mind going back to that place again in the future.
: Ilie Sabina-Diana, Greavu Ana-Maria, Mija Alex, Isbășoiu Alexandru
The restaurant we chose to review was the infamous Bistro de l’Arte in the centre of Brașov. This was our choice because we have heard great things about it beforehand, so we wanted to see for ourselves how great it actually was.

The hotel we chose to call for our Telephone Etiquette test is
Hilton Hotel, in Sibiu, Romania
, which is a prestigious 5 star hotel.
The phone ringed for about
three times
before someone picked up, and greeted him generically, in Romanian, introducing the hotel.
The information provided was relevant enough, but
not many details were given
, apart from the price and a short description of the Christmas package that the hotel offered.
The overall
tone of voice was friendly
, but it did not make up for the lack of professionalism in the speech and the lack of English knowledge.
We believe that the phone operators from such a well-known establishment should as prepared to talk to foreigners as they are in their own language.
Thank you!
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