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The Notebook: Scene Analysis

No description

Tristan M

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of The Notebook: Scene Analysis

This scene is set at Noah's house, in the afternoon. Allie has come to see Noah for a second time after being told he has a surprise for Allie. High angle shots are taken to show the setting of the creek and the direction Allie and Noah are going in on the canoe.
Film Techniques
Shot-reverse shot
Point of view
Internal framing
Reaction shot
High angle
Plot and Characterization
This scene is important because it reveals many significant traits about characters. The first is that Allie is quick to forget. She is able to easily move on from being frustrated with Noah after thinking he hadent written to he, to partaking in the infamous kiss. As well, her ability to forget is shown when she spends the night with Noah despite her engagement to Lon. Noah's caring nature is shown when he mentions writing Allie a letter each day for a year. This also reveals his dedication to the love he had for Allie.
By Tristan and Natasha
The Notebook: Scene Analysis
During this scene the two characters Allie and Noah are important, as they are the only characters in this scene. They show this through close ups of each of their faces and expressions. Throughout the scene Allie and Noah have conversations about their past relationship and their past selves. While talking they are on a canoe to go see swans which have migrated onto Noah's property.
Bright and soft lighting is used in the portion of the scene where they first arrive to the lake filled with swans.The warm lighting evokes a calm and enchanting mood.
The majority of the sound is onscreen. This is seen in the present swans, the swishing of the water, and the dialogue between the characters. The music is off screen sound and is very mellow and calming to match the scenery. However, the music intensifies as the storm worsens.
Relevance of the scene to the film
In this scene, the conversation at the lake amongst the swans is very important. Noah mentions the swans are only visiting and will return to where they come from soon. After saying this, Noah looks at Allie and the audience can infer that he is also referring to Allie's visit. Although he does not want to believe it, she too is only visiting and will have to return to her fiance.
The film techniques in this scene evoke emotion in the audience. The events shown go from order (Noah being single, and Allie engaged) to chaos (disruption of the canoe ride by the rain) to order again (the two characters falling in love).
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