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Violence and Mass Killings

No description

Dolores Orta

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Violence and Mass Killings

Analyse the claims put forth in the article.
Watch the following Ted Talk and relate the ideas presented to the articles you have read.
Inside a Mass Murderer's Mind
Let's explore another viewpoint...
Monday, June 2, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Watch the following excerpts from "Falling Down" and recall as much information from the article as possible
Theories of Aggression
Violence and Mass Killings
Explain, complete and re-contextualise the following excerpt from the article:

"Trying to find the much-looked-for-
snapping moment
the one inciting incident that pushes a killer over the edge
- rarely gets you very far. Cho's
lethal outburst
, by all accounts may have been
for months."

How is Chow's personality described in the article? How does his profile differ from that of the serial killer? Use relevant vocabulary from the text to support your views.
Can Chow's behaviour be explained in terms of the theories of aggression we read about before? If so, to what extent?

How do the two theories and outlooks differ? How do they complement each other?

Do you think that if Cho had not had access to a gun, this tragedy could have been averted? How does the essay "Violence in America" explain and contextualise Cho's behaviour? What are the main claims in the essay? Do you think the ideas put forth there are also valid for Argentina? Support.
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