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Justin Bieber

No description

brynja lind

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Facts about Justin:

*His name is Justin Drew Bieber.
*His favorite color is purple.
*He played ice-hockey.
*He was born and raised in Stratford.
*His parents are divorced.
*He plays guitar, drums, trumpet and
*His birthday is March. 1. 1994.

Justin Bieber
Ryan Reynolds
Justin is a really famous "teen" for his singing and how good he is at playing instruments.
Justin has made a few albums.

-Under the mistletoe
-Believe (deluxe edition)
-Believe acoustic
-Never say never-the remixes
-My worlds acoustic
-My world 2.0
-My world

Ryan Reynolds
His full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds.
Born in October 23rd 1976, he is 38 years old
An actor
Ex-wifes Scarlett Johansson and Alanis Morissette
Wife now Blake Lively
The youngest of four brothers
Reynolds was named the sexiest man alive 2008,2009 and 2010 by People magazine
Justin has 11,678,736 followers on Instagram and that's a lot!
Justin is the most popular by young girls from 9-16 years old. But he has a lot of boy fans too!
The proposal
Green Lantern
The change up
A documentary has been made about Justin and its name is Never say never.

The song "Never say never" serves as the theme song for The Karate Kid (2010). Jaden Smith was the main character in the movie.
Justin and Jaden sang the song together.
He acts in all types of movies. He is most famous for his act in comedy- and romance movies. But he has also acted in horror- and action movies.
Movie types
About Ryan
Brown hair
Brown eyes
White skin
Most hit song
Justin's most famous song is Baby
Fun facts
He was going to get a skydiving license but the parachute didn't open in his first jump, he hasn't been skydiving since.
In 2010 Ryan was named the face og Hugo Boss
He failed in his highschool drama class
Ryan has a tattoo on his wrist. It is of the Nine O'clock Gun
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