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CCCI Campaign

MIKA Public Relations

Irene Manolopoulos

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of CCCI Campaign

Mission Statement The mission of Connecticut Community Care, Inc. (CCCI) is to provide care management services for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers, to assist them in remaining as independent as possible in the most cost-effective manner. CCCI understands that people feel most comfortable in their own homes, and for more than 30 years, we have been committed to helping individuals, of all abilities, do so through care management. CCCI helps provide both public and privately funded care management. We do not view each client as a “case” but as a person, therefore we are dedicated to finding the best and most personalized care for each family and individual. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses "Finding you quality care in the comfort of your home." •Current relationships/contacts with a number of CT nursing services
•Current expertise in the field with trained employees
•Understanding of the needs clients will require
•Established in the state of CT for many years
•Abundance of government funded clients • Lack of private sector clients
• Viewed as an unnecessary step in process (unnecessary middle-man)
• Website (design/layout, ease of navigation, etc.)
• Lack of reference sources (either they are unknowledgeable about company or they don’t pitch the company correctly to their clients)
Increase number of private clients
Strengthen ties to referral sources
Strengthen ties to state of CT
Maintain relationship with CT nursing services
Improve website
Increase awareness of company
Improve reputation of company Other competitors taking our clients
Clients attempt to find correct care facilities on their own Target Audiences Primary Secondary Other Elderly and disabled individuals Families
Referral sources CCCI Employees
Current Customers Problem Statement Goals and Objectives Brand Tactics Events 1. Nobody understands what CCCI is and what services they offer.
2. The locations need to be spread throughout the entire state of Connecticut.
3. There are not strong enough relationships with referral sources.
4. The first assessment is too expensive for first-time customers.
New Slogan Updated Website Extend Brand Recognition Beyond Eldercare We have four key messages for our audiences:

1. We are a service that helps individuals figure out the best options for them personally. By having the help of CCCI, you will not pay for unnecessary services. 2. There are two distinguishable sides of CCCI. There is private and government help and it is not all one large company. 3. We have great trust and relationships with reliable companies all over Connecticut. 4. We are saving you time and money by offering you convenience of getting assessed with us. Key Messages website social media Increase the amount of private clients. feature stories Expand our services from three regions to four regions in Connecticut. Third Goal Increase the number of clients we get based on referrals. A. Have at least 20% of new clients be based off of referrals by the end of 2011.
B. Have the referral discount incentive bring in 15% of the new clients. Increase social media presence and following; and improve online visibilty-boost traffic to website. A. Involve CCCI in five discussions on LinkedIn each month regarding relevant topics in healthcare.
B. Respond to 75% of the positive/negative comments being said about us via social media.
C. Reach 500 followers on Facebook by the end of 2011. Myra Kerr Educational Seminar CCCI’s Fight to End Alzheimer’s Walk Second Goal A. Distribute informational pamphlets/brochures to a minimum of fifty elder law attorneys and doctors in the fourth region of Connecticut by the end of 2011.
B. Secure five-ten local media placements in the forth region by the end of 2011. Fourth Goal First Goal Research Surveys Interviews “I have never heard of CCCI, but I think that the idea of it is very nice. I would like to use this service when the time comes for my parents.” “I don’t think that I would be willing to pay all of that money for the first assessment.” Secondary Audience “Why can’t I just look for information for myself? I think that it is unnecessary to use a service like you.” Primary Audience “I don’t need any help.” “I don’t want to leave my house; if you can make that happen then I will be happy.” “I don’t want to bother my family with any of this.” Social Media Attorneys Family Members Opportunities Threats Feature Stories Timeline: Some Ideas: One story per month for 10 months Becoming an Active Member in Your Community
Starting the New Year Off Financially Right
Communication is Key Website Questions? A.Increase our private client base by 15% by the end of 2011.
B.Distribute informational pamphlets/brochures to 100 people by 2012.
C.Extend brand recognition beyond eldercare through surveys conducted in the Fall of 2011.
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