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Copy of Shakespearean Tragedy and Julius Caesar

Background Information

Jodie Duda

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Shakespearean Tragedy and Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare?
Historical Background
Decius Brutus
Metellus Cimber
Mark Antony
First Triumvirate—Caesar, Crassus, Pompey
Citizens Loved Caesar and offered him the crown.
He refused it three times.
Naturally, people were not pleased...
"Conspirators" and Senators
The "Bad" Guys
Explain the connection...
Loyal to Caesar
Caesar's closest friend
Hates Caesar
manipulates Brutus to join their conspiracy
This line is used to make a statement about loyalty.
You too, Brutus?

"The unkindest cut of all."
Now, the play continues while the second triumvirate avenges Caesar's death.
Mark Antony
Octavious Caesar
We will study how they use
to do this.
Shakespearean Tragedy
To review, use your notes to answer the following questions.
1. Who was Caesar's best friend?
4. List one person who avenges his death.
2. Who was the mastermind behind the conspiracy to kill Caesar?
3. Why would the senators want to kill Caesar?
5. What are we going to study using the play, Julius Caesar?
Why we hate him
A governing body of 3
Extra Credit: What's the name of Shakespeare's theater?
The art of effective persuasive speaking or writing.
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