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Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intellegences

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Chelsey C

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intellegences

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intellegences
- These students enjoy reading, writing, and telling stories.
- They also have a talent for memorizing information along with dates.
- Able to explain information well.
- How could we learn math through
writing and reading????
Logical and Mathematical

- Students who learn though this form enjoy reasoning, numbers, and critical thinking.
- They also tend to think about cause and effect relationships.
- How can we learn math through critical thinking?
- Students are very sensitive to sound, tones, and rhythms.
- Many of these students play multiple instruments or compose music.
- These students tend to grasp material best through lecture.
- Great understanding of musical structure, notes, and rhythm.
- How could we learn through music?
- These students enjoy reading, writing and putting puzzles together.
-They are able to read graphs and charts effectively.
-They enjoy drawing and are able to recognize patterns quickly.
Potential Career Opportunites!
-- Architect, Artist, Engineer
Bodily- Kinesthetic
- These students learn best through movement and hands-on-learning.
- These students remember through doing, rather than seeing or hearing.
-They also having good timing when participating in activities.
- They enjoy physical activities, dancing, and acting.
Potential Career Opportunities:
-- Writer, Lawyer, Teacher
Potential Career Opportunities

-- Scientist, Mathematician, Computer Programmer,
Engineer, Accountant.
Potential Career Opportunities:
Dancer, Builder, Sculptor,
Potential Career Opportunities:
Musician, Composer, Singer,
Music Teacher, and Conductor.
- Effective verbal communication.
-Think of situations from multiple perspectives.
- Create Positive Relationships with others.
- Effective at solving group conflicts.
Potential Career Opportunities:
- Psychologist, Philosopher, Counselor,
Salesperson, Politician.
- Effective at analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses.
- Enjoys thinking about theories and
- Understands their emotions and what motivates them.
Potential Career Opportunities:
- Philosophers, Writers, Theorist,
and Scientist.
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