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An overview of the evolutionary pressurized water reactor

Gabriel Ventura

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of US-EPR

United States
Evolutionary Pressurized Water Reactor Gabriel Ventura Christopher Safouri
Kevin Grozier Hanchen Lu
Mathew Spencer History 1957 First Nuclear Reactor 1979 Three Mile Island 1994 First Generation III Reactors Where does the EPR fit? What is an EPR? Generation III+
Nuclear Reactor Promises: Certainty of Business
Certainty of Liscensing
Certainty of Acceptance
Certainty of Cost/Schedule

Evolutionary Pressurized Water Reactor Comparison With Other Pressurized Water Reactors Differences Numerical Comparison Axial Economizer
Outer Shell
Passive Retention of Core
Fully Computerized Control Room Technological Comparison VisualComparison The Future Thank You Currently there are reactors being built in Finland, China, and France.
There are plans for more reactors to be built in India, United Arab Emirates, and Italy.
The United States and Great Britian are both reviewing the design aspects before furhter actions are taken. A Global Competitor
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