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Copy of Positioning PayPal

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on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Positioning PayPal

By, Ariel Boswell, Kristin Gutierrez, Lauren Rodriguez and Leslie Wood Chapter 18 Positioning and Service: Mailgram
Summary Direct Comparison of PayPal
vs. Western Union Positioning a Service:
Chapter 18 Created in 1998, primarily a digital wallet for PDAs and palm pilots
After an email demo of the service released, 2002 eBay Inc. acquires PayPal
Customers can send, receive and hold funds in 25 currencies.
Three phase strategy led to their success.
PayPal is positioned in our minds as the secure way of purchasing online products. This is not all PayPal has to offer! Ads: dominant element is words. Paypal: The cheaper, faster way to send money with an already trusted company The problem with positioning a service (summary) Paypal Discussion and Analysis Our Recommendation of positioning/repositioning Repositioning PayPal What is PayPal? Mailgram
1970 experimental partnership with U.S. postal service
In order to send a mailgram, contact Western Union and the message is electronically delivered next day via computer, telex, magnetic tape, TWX or communicating typewriters.
The process didn't sell the service. It was their "double"positioning tactics.
Hiring ad agency-->strategy change-->decline.
1980s: "the fastest way to send money worldwide."
Discontinued telegram services in 2006, focused on money transfers. Advertising Examples Western Union Rates Advertising Examples PayPal Current Positioning •PayPal was the first to do online money transferring service
•It takes 2-5 days to send with western union when PayPal is almost instantaneous.
Race for mobile apps
Flat rate fees vs. nominal fees.
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