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Funny Cats

UPDATED AS OF: 8-24-2014

Crazy Band Nerd

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of Funny Cats

stupd hobetz
i will get my ring
what you mean i not can
haz coffee ???
is decaf !!!!!!!!!!
we haz it
Thanks for viewing!
And also, for you Star Trek fans . . .
First, I wish to say . . .
And now
if you think you have a good title, in the comments of this prezi, type down the NUMBER of the pic you want to title.

THEN type down the caption you thought of. if i like it, ill put it on the pic, put next to it your CURRENT prezi username (IM not keeping track if you change it), and put it in the ' Titled by Viewers' area

ill only do this if i LIKE your caption - putting one down doesnt nessisarily mean that you just got a spot in the ' Titled by Viwers ' area

(so no dirty ones or anything like that - im not sgeemish, but prezi 'can delete my account if my prezi gets ' bad ' - however, if you thought one like that you think is hilarious, you can still put in on my comments - people will still read it when they read the comments - but don't be offended if i delete it [im talking to THOSE PEOPLE who are . . . well . . . y'know . . .
(no offense)
These are other funny videos
Lizzy Brown - "Hug me bruthah!!!"
Lizzy Brown - "Caanntt... rreeaacchh..."
Naomi Nelson - "i iz not just any cat, i iz a meercat!"
Shawn Barry - "mmoooommm you're embarrassing me!"
lauren ross - "ahh man the neighbors dog scared the easter bunny away"
lauren ross - "Im begging u to give me foood i am starvng pleaaaaaase i has had nothing but cheese for the past five minutes"
Claire T - "We meet again."
Claire T - "No! Its my turn to use the remote!"
Claire T - "U no see me. I ninja cat."
25 Pics
This is just a reminder for me; don't worry about it)
Jo the Rogue - 'Last Friday night'
If you like this Prezi, check out my Just For Laughs Prezi, which is contains clips from the one and only show, Just For Laughs! Or, my Prezi titled "Laugh . . . OR ELSE", which I guarentee you will crack up. Wether because of my ultimite stupidity or the humor remains to be seen.
i no believe man jumps better than cat!!!
even the word "cheeseburger" is greatly desired
*(I am currently searching for more. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment please.)
39 pictures
(Viewers, this is just for me, ignore this)
I just want to thank everyone for making my Prezi the most popular "funny cats" Prezi! :D
Isabelle Miller - immmm ccooommmeeiiinnggg
Makayla Norton - Help Me
Ella Winham - Monorail cat epic crash
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