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No description

Tatiana Hamadeh

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Dying

Real Life Situation Euthanasia Paralyzed
Destined to die
Incurable diseases
Ending a life in a painless manner Involuntary Euthanasia vs Voluntary Euthanasia DEATH Families sign contracts
Unknown person Knowledge Issue Passive vs. Active Procedure Stop giving the person the
medicine needed for survival Intoxicating the person
with lethal substances United Kingdom > Ilegal
United States & Mexico > Active > Ilegal
Netherlands > Legal > with assist of physician
Curacao > Legal
Belgium & Australia > Legal
Law Should we be able to decide when its
the time for us to die? No? Yes? Who is supposed to decide when we will die?
Who gives someone else the right to decide?
Even if we are in pain, we don't have the right to decide? Who gives us that right? DO WE OWN OUR LIVES? GOD? Related to... Suicide
point of view Religious
point of view Attempted Suicide Jail? Technology If we are alive due to machines...
aren't they deciding our moment
of death then?
Maybe GOD decided what when we would die, but due to machines we have extended that period of time.. taking it in our hands! Points of View Church Atheists Age Patient Proffesional Relatives Areas of Knowledge Ethics Human Behavior Selfishness Pity Conscience Ways of Knowing Perception Emotion Language We die anyway.
To a certain extent..
We might decide...
But whether it happens now,
or later, its not up to us. Answer.. ? [1] [2] It can be destiny, God, the Buddha, Allah . [3] but in the end, if it's not our time.
we won't die.
Thank You,

Tatiana Hamadeh & Ghislaine v/d Laarschot
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