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The Odyssey Books 9-11

Alex, Matt, Chris, and Ryan, make comments as needed.

Jsjsjxjs Jsjsje

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey Books 9-11

Odysseus begins telling the king of his journey
and his homeland to start. He tells of the sea witch Calypso before going to the beginning his story. Odysseus first lands on the island of the Kikonians, where they kill everyone, and take the women. Odysseus tries to set sail again so they can get home quickly, but the men are starving and stage a mutiny. Many Ithacans are killed during the plunder. The ones that escape become stranded and have to wait a few days before setting sail again. Ten days later, they land on the island of the Lotus Eaters. A few of his men eat the lotus flowers and never want to leave the island again. Odysseus quickly gets his men together and leaves the island. Start Book 9 Odysseus and his men arrive on Cyclops island inhabited by uncivilized and moronic gargantuan Cyclops. His men are impartial to treating the Cyclops with respect, but Odysseus is like "no, we should burn an offering for it and treat it kindly, so it will accept us as guests." So they burn an offering in the home of one of the cyclops, and when he arrives home, he discovers these men in his house and eats two of them. Odysseus realizes that the only way to escape is to have the cyclops Polyphemos move the boulder that blocks the doorway. So he plans on blinding the cyclops and hiding on his sheep. The plan prevails, and Odyessus escapes, but Polyphemos prays to his father Poseidon to curse Odysseus that he may never return home. Book 10 After leaving the island of cyclops, Odysseus and his men land on the island of Aiolia, which is ruled by Aiolos, the God of the Winds. Aiolos openly accepts these guests and they stay on the island for a month. Upon their departure, Aiolos gives them the bag of winds, which will guide them home. Odysseus keeps the contents of the bag a secret from his men, and decides to navigate their way home himself. On the ninth day, Odysseus becomes tired, and sleeps, and his mens curiosity gets the best of them. They cut into the bag and release a storm, that sets them back to the beginning of their journey. Odysseus rows back to the island of Aiolia and asks Aiolos for help. Aiolos refuses stating that if that fool proof plan could fail, then the gods have it out for him. So Odysseus and his men decided to row, and on the sixth day find the island of Lamos. Odysseus and his men leave immediately after the king Antiphates tackles and drinks the blood of one of his men. They set sail again and come upon the island of Aiaia where the Goddess Circe lives. After arriving on the island they decide not to explore, and spend the night. The next morning Odysseus decides to check out this abandoned tower by sending his men. One of his men comes back after observing the witch turning them into pigs, and Odysseus plans on going to save them. on the way to the tower Odysseus is greeted by Hermes, who gives him a magical herb called moly that will protect him from Circes magic, and tells Odysseus to sleep with the witch. He does as he is told in the presence of Circe, and she gracefully accepts the mens stay and the stay for a year. Eventually they leave and Circe tells Odysseus that he must go to the underworld and speak to the prophet Teiresias. One of Odysseus' men falls from Circes roof and dies. Circe then gives them a map to the underworld, and they set sail. Circe disappears and leaves the objects necessary for sacrifice. Book 11 Odysseus travels to the underworld as instructed by Circe. To speak to Odysseus, the ghosts must drink of the blood of the sheep(Blood seems to be a popular currency in this era). He commences the sacrifice and the first ghost to appear is his recently fallen man Elepenor, who tells Odysseus the story of his death. Odysseus agrees to build a burial mound in his honor. Odysseus sees his mother among the other ghosts, and takes it as a surprise because last he heard she was among the living. Then the prophet Teiresias begins to speak to him and tells him to not eats Helios' cattle at Thrinacia, and then tells Odysseus that he will be the only one left alive by the end of his journey. He then tells Odysseus that he will arrive in Ithaca safely, however he will have to deal with all of the suitors that are pursuing Penelope upon arrival. After reclaiming his kingdom, Odysseus is to go as far inland as possible, and pray to Poseidon so that Odysseus may have a proper burial at sea. Odysseus then asks Teiresias why his mother is here and if he can speak to her. His mother drinks the blood and speaks to him, telling him of the suitors and Telemachos. After his mother leaves, a bunch of ghosts attempt to talk to him, so currently he is like an attractive man in an old folks home. He lets them drink of the blood one at a time and speak to him. After speaking to a large amount of the ghosts, the queen Arete, wishes to give Odysseus treasure, but former king Alkinoos is like "No, I'm the king!... and I say we give him all of the treasure. Odysseus then hears the story of Agamemnon and his son Orestes, the same story King Nestor told to Telemachos. When he is finished speaking to Agamemnon a group of his former soldiers show up and speak to him. Finally, the majority of the ghosts crowd in to drink of the blood and speak to Odysseus. He runs in terror, however he now knows what to look out for in the future. Book 9: Odysseus tells his story from the beginning, starting with the scuffle with the Cyclopes. Book 10: Odysseus receives the bag of winds from Aiolos, and sets sail only to be set back by the curiosity of his men, and has to deal with the witch Circe Book 11: Odysseus goes to the underworld and speaks with many ghosts, only to panic and leave at the end. Book 11
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