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U of T Sororities Recruitment 2013 Info Session Prezi

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UofT Sororities

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of U of T Sororities Recruitment 2013 Info Session Prezi

University of Toronto
Defining "Sororities"
Value- based organizations

Not transient

Academic and public service societies

 Undergraduate, residential groups

The Panhellenic Council and Rho Gammas
The Panhellenic Council unites all seven sororities
and organizes recruitment!

Each house has representatives from their house
that "dissassociate" in order to reatin the integrity
of the recruitment process
Benefits of Going Greek
Women in different years, programs, colleges
Bigs/littles, families within your sorority
Bonding through so many activities!

Each sorority supports their own charity and raises money through huge events hosted annually.

The Greek community comes together and volunteers as a collective, impacting the U of T community greatly
Powerful connections to diverse industries
Insider's secrets for securing a job
Tap into vast knowledge of women with relevant experience
Minimum 2.0 GPA
Academic scholarships through Panhel and your own sorority
Recognition of achievement
Support systems
Greek students have GPAs above the University undergraduate average (LAUREN MALDONADO/Staff 2012)

Sororities’ structure places academics before everything else, and that is what keeps GPAs high.

Fun Fact!
Develop sense of community
A home away from home
Meet many women from diverse backgrounds and fields of study
Inexpensive rent
Extremely close to campus
Fully operational kitchen and facilities
Supportive environment
Place to crash after late night studying!

Enjoy the same rituals, ceremonies and house’s custom as women did 100 years ago
Annual celebrations connect the campus and community and become traditions for all to enjoy.

Many, many executive positions
Management, PR, finance, philanthropy, social, teaching
Consider, managing $30,000 budget!

Things you need to know
Time Commitment
Typically, Monday and Thursday nights are important to have free (at least).

Some weeks are busier than others (weekend events, all-day leadership workshops, sisterhood retreats)

Keep organized!

Each sorority has different membership fees that include many aspects of sorority life
Payment plans
First year is the most expensive due to one-time fees (i.e., your badge, new member fee)
Sorority involvement continues after graduation
Even if you join in your 4th year, you will still be a member for life and be able to contribute
You can be active in any chapter at any university!
Leadership Roles on alumnae board

Recruitment Process
Round 2
Round 3/Preference
Round 1
Thursday September 19th OR Friday September 20th (3-8PM)
*We can work around your schedule!*
Thursday: OISE room 4422
Friday: OISE room 2211
Meet women from each of the seven houses
Saturday, September 21st (12-8PM)
OISE room 4422
Return to a maximum of 5 houses
Learn about philanthropic activities
Receive tour of the house
Sunday, September 22nd (11-2PM)
OISE room 2211
By invitation only
Focuses on sisterhood and if the sorority is the right fit for you

Sunday, September 22nd (6-8PM)
*In between Pref and bid, we will have activities for you*
OISE room 2211
On bid day, you will learn which houses the rho gammas are from and then learn which house has offered you a bid. You will then go and celebrate with your new sisters at your respective house!

hazing hotline - 24 hours
1-888 668-4293 or 1-888-NOT-HAZE
If a chapter hazes, they are shut down!




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