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Sea World

IDT-501 Professor Kahn Final Project Sea World Human-Centered Design Principles April 26, 2010


on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Sea World

Sea World & Six Human-Centered Design Principles Malleability Ownership Coherence Inclusiveness Engagement Purpose What Works The home page of Sea World
provides drop down tabs for
the viewer to easily locate events,
maps, and restaurants. The graphics and text that
the Sea World site provides
is inviting to the viewer. The map that Sea World
provides enables the viewer
to click on a particular place
on the map and receive detail
information. This graphic from
Sea World provides
the viewer the ability
to learn about the creatures that live in the sea. Although Sea World's
site provides an exciting
place to visit, the viewer
cannot change the site to
suit their own needs. Sea World has set
events, pricing, and
accommodations. The
viewer cannot change
these items so the viewer
cannot have a sense of
ownership. Diana S. Sheffer
Prezi Presentation
Sea World
April 21, 2010 What Falls Short
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