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Elementary Education

What I plan to do with my life.

Gabriella Brown

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Elementary Education

Elementary Education My Career Choice as of now:
I wish to be an Elementary School Teacher. I will affect the nation as I am educating the next generation of leaders, workers, and possible convicts. I have chosen this career because I wish to help children, who like myself, have no resources and their families can't help them. I want to give children the opportunities that I never had. Who has helped me go into this field? Well...those who have pushed me to actually go to college. Those people are my Grandpa, Justin Wood, and many others who saw the talents I have hidden underneath my layer of rust. I will try to work at Arnoldsburg or Pleasant Hill. Not because I'm sentimental towards them but because this region needs more teachers who care more for the students than for the possible money. How much I will make is something I find irrelevant. But here is a chart I found on CareerCruising
Entry Wage: $37,430

Median Wage: $43,430

Experienced Wage: $49,110 Finally where my career choice factors into my life as I've always wanted to be an elementary educator and if I can become a elementary educator I can move onto other things like having children.
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