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School Shooting-Columbine

No description

Reed Erickson

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of School Shooting-Columbine

April 20, 1999
Their first act was with bombs, but they didn't go off. Their were two twenty pound bombs that they placed in the cafatera. When the bombs didn't go off is when they went in and started shooting.
They asked one girl if she believed in God and when she responded "Yes" they had shot her to death. Her parents later wrote the book "She Said Yes" in honor of their daughter.
Visctims were speachless because of the events they had wintnessed. One talked about how the shooters were having the time of their lives and that they were hooting and hallering and laughing the hole time.

One talked about how a girl was hiding under a desk when one of them came over and said peekaboo then shot her in the neck. The shock and scaring of this event will stay in the minds of the vitnesses forever.
At first the students didnt think that it was really happening and that it was real. Some thought it was just fitrecrackers at first intell they saw the gun. Some say them and thought it was just a joke but when they started to see the blood they knew it was real.

School Shooting-Columbine
by: Reed Erickson
Columbine was a school in Littleton Colorado
13 people will killed and 20 people were injured
At 11:19 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold began shooting fellow students in front of the high school.

They gunned most of their victims down in the library

BY 11:35 they had killed 12 students and a teacher

Shortly after 12 they turned their guns on themselfs

The shooters purposely chose athletes, minorities, and Christians as their victims.


With their original plain they were hoping the bombs would go off and it would have killed hundreds
The school was re-opened in the fall of 1999
The man that bought them the guns was arrested and served six years in prison
The parents of some of the victims waited and waited for their students so come out but they never did
Police found 17 bombs in the school after the search after the shooting. Some bombs were still connected to timers.
Swat teams and crying parents were on the grounds of the school watching what was happening while swat teams were going into the school getting poeple out
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