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Mackenzie Madison G Unit

What up Brotha

Michael Price

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Mackenzie Madison G Unit


Mackenzie Madison So here's what you do... first make sure this is in full screen
press the right arrow on your keyboard after you have read everything on each slide
go all the way to the end of my presentation
do not click your mouse button, you'll regret it
just use right and left arrow keys to move forward
and backward
you can click at the end I guess I like dropping nubs in Cod 6 What I mean is, I like going prone while I shoot at nubs while they are shooting at me, so I hit them with all my bullets and they miss all their shots :) Here's a little clip of what I mean darling Cool hu, can't really see it can you. Sorry
quality is bad when exporting it as a flv clip, but
that's the only way I could get it on here :/ Anyway, I also like to snipe nubs with my .50 cal. Quick scoping
makes it fun, not many money shots on this clip, but it's all I got right now. I'll be sure to make the best of the best of Mikey P's quickscoping
madness once I get enough footage. Also I will be using a capture card for the next shots so it'll be clear as citrus flavor in my green tea Check it out... Let's get back on topic though I really made this prezi for some other reason, I
keep on forgetting though Oh yeah... Wait, that's not it... OH YEAH!!! I made this to ask you something! Mackenzie Madison Would you like to make appearance at prom? an ... Well since your answer is "yes" I'll see you May 1st For now though, I know you want to sign up here and make your own prezi cause you're that type of person So have fun! BYE! :) First, put this in full screen
by hovering your mouse over the
more tab located on the bottem of
this video on the controller tab
and continue with me
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