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Which red skittle will dissolve the fastest with different liquids

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Gissell Rosales

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Which red skittle will dissolve the fastest with different liquids

If the skittle is going to fall into different liquids, I predict that the vinegar is going to dissolve the skittle the fastest, because vinegar has different types of fluids that can affect the skittle.
4 red skittles
4 cups or bowls
Place 4 cups or bowls on top of a table. Second, pour each liquid in different cups or bowls. Third, drop 1 red skittle in each bowl. Fourth have a stopwatch with you to examine which skittle will dissolve the fastest.
Which red skittle will dissolve the fastest with different types of liquids?
Further Work
Pictures of the project
For my science fair project I decided to do something about candy. For example,haven't you ever wondered how long it takes a skittle to dissolve ?This can be a fun project because it's fun and quickly to do!I would like to learn what chemicals can affect a skittle and why.Doing this project will answer my question.
soap & water
If I had the chance to change this project it would be that, I would only use vinegar, but different color of skittles. Then, I would've observed which skittle dissolved the fastest.
My dependent variable is the time the skittle will lose its color the fastest, with different liquids. The experimental are the same amount of liquids. The control variables are the vinegar,water,sprite, and soap with water.My independent variable is the same color of skittle. My project will consist of what skittle will dissolve the fastest with different liquids.Which are vinegar,water,sprite, and soap with water. I predict that the skittle will dissolve fastest with vinegar.
I found research from a science teacher that made his own website.He's also a toy designer, that can explain all his amazing science experiments.His name is Steve Spangler,who has a heart of a creative kid. To know that the project was going to be accurate, a kid named Amy, did almost the exact same project. To find out more information go to sciencebuddies.com.
I found out that the soap has many more chemicals.For example, soap can clean your hands and clear 99.9% of germs.This can cause the skittle to lose its color quickly. The water also helps because water is a liquid that doesn't take long to take off a skittles color.This was an amazing and fun experiment to do!
My hypothesis was completely wrong! Soap and water was the fastest substance to make the skittle to dissolve.I thought vinegar would be the fastest because vinegar has a chemical that can affect the candy.I imagined that soap and water was going to take the longest! I thought that cause I thought the bubbles of the soap will take the skittle a long time to dissolve.
I wonder what would had happened if I just used liquid soap and not water.Probably the soap will not even make the skittle dissolve. I think that because soap is a sticky substance that is hard to take off.I also wonder what would happened if I used different color of skittles in the different liquids.Maybe when I have time, I would probably do those what ifs.
stop watch
Gissell Rosales
Period 6
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