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HUMUH Clear Mind Buddhism

No description

Happy Learner

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of HUMUH Clear Mind Buddhism

HUMUH Clear Mind Buddhism What is HUMUH Clear Mind Buddhism? What is Buddhism? What is a Spiritual Master? Wisdom Teaching quote Learning Opportunities Access for Deaf people Some Benefits of the Training Q & A Common Assumptions: Asians in robes with cleanly shaven heads Monks chant and live in old monasteries Buddhists deny the things they enjoy in life Buddhism = Path to Awakening Buddhism Sects HUMUH Clear Mind Buddhism A modern Western tradition of Buddhism

Founded in 1992 by Maticintin, Wisdom Master

Teaches the activities of the Universal Mind Essence

Espouses Clear Mind Vision, also known as Third Eye Vision What is a Spiritual Master? An enlightened Master/Teacher...

possesses inherent knowledge.
is naturally virtuous and detached.
always works to empower all sentient life.

Masters are either Self-Realized or God/Void Realized. "We created the world that we live in. If people say certain things to us, it's because they are part of our mind sets. So, we say, 'I recognize this part of myself that I see in you. I am so sorry. I forgive you. I pray that we find happiness.' When we say that inside of ourselves, we can't be caught up in resentment. We realize that the other person or persons are only reflections of us, so we heal them by accepting such reflections from ourselves. Forgiveness is easy when we realize that everything is a part of us anyway."

~Wisdom Master Maticintin Wisdom Teaching quote: HUMUH's Transcendental Awareness Institute Explorer


Bodhisattva a vehicle offering increasing levels of participation and learning on the path to enlightenment . . . . . . . . Some Benefits of the Training Heightened Awareness
Clearing Away Obstructions
Mental and Physical Wellness
Compassion & Unconditional Love
Access to Super Knowledges
Self Mastery Any Questions? Common Assumptions about Buddhism Buddhism = Spirituality . . . . Copyright © 2012 HUMUH Accessibility for Deaf and
Hard of Hearing people . . . . . . . .
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