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National and local audiences - AS Media

No description

kim moss

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of National and local audiences - AS Media

Local and National Audiences What have we been looking at?
Distribution - partic Today? Finish the answer from last week

Explain, in your own words, why media convergence and synergy should be a major factor of a studios pre-production film planning and marketing?

Use the Case Study Films, include examples of how they have used media synergy & convergence (using P.E.E.). Doesn't have to be 'perfect' - its to establish your understanding of the topic. Stuff on the blog for extra reading... Then? Link to the exam area:
The issues raised in the targeting of national and local audiences (specifically, British) by international or global institutions Examing the issues of media ownership... Why? ARG: Alternative Reality Game by Warner Bros
Campaign was launched in May 2007, 15 months prior to release of the film
Participation from millions of enthusiasts from around the world
Resulted in thousands of blog posts, google searches, websites & participants
My Space, Comics, online sites, Nokia, Hershey, Domino Pizza, K-Mart, Xbox, Widget Understand the emerging trends in advertising in a web-enabled world
Evaluate the use of ARG as a promotion & advertising tool
Analyse the pros & cons of using ARG for Marketing
Examine how ARG’s can be used as an audience engagement tool Why did we look at this? What now? But why 'ownership?
Think about it.. He is the founder, major share holder, chairman & MD of ‘ NEWS CORPORATION’.
It began in Australia before expanding into the UK, USA & Asia media markets.
He created SKY in 1989. Merged to BSkyB in 1990. Dominates British Pay TV.
He acquired ‘The Sun’, ‘The Times’ & ‘The Sunday Times’. Rupert Murdoch Rupert Murdoch heads one of the world's largest media empires, the News Corporation, which in 2008 had some $33 billion in total revenue from a diverse range of media products, including Fox News, Twentieth Century Fox, Dow Jones (publisher of the Wall Street Journal),HarperCollins, MySpace, the New York Post, and hundreds of other newspapers and television stations Rupert Murdoch owns

18% of ITV,
The Sun, The News of the World & The Times.
He owns Fox Broadcasting Company & Twentieth Century Fox.
My Space.
He recently took control of Sky News What has this got to do with British Film? How does ownership effect what we see/get? Exam question
“Media production is dominated by global institutions, which sell their products and services to national audiences”. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Why So serious? TDK Activity Conclusion Do, Think, Feel, Say
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