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Bakery Cell Analogy

No description

Benhur Yonas

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Bakery Cell Analogy

The office is our Nucleus, which contains information of recipes for all different types of Zataar, and the Manager is the Nucleolus which teaches the bakers how to make the Zataar.
Lysosomes- Chemical Dumpster
Golgi Body- Cashier
The cashier will pack all the Zataar in a bag, and it gives the food to wherever it needs to go.
In a plant, you have the sun and with that, it can get the food with photosynthesis. With the oven, it can get the heat to make the food taste better.
Cell Wall-walls, supports
Cell Membrane- Door to Bakery
The walls and supports help keep the building intact and strong, and the front door makes sure that no one can steal any Zataar and lets people in/out
Mitochondria- Solar Panels
Vacuole- Storage Pantry and Freezer
Zataar is our widget/protein for our cell. Zataar is a pizza-like type of food that not a lot of people know.
The bakers(Ribosomes) create the Zataar, and the Dumpster(Lysosomes) is to deposit unwanted or messed up scrap and with chemicals, it breaks the zataar down.
Rough/Smooth ER- Prep Tables
The solar panels on top of the bakery lets the bakers get free renewable energy, and the huge Freezer/Pantry holds all food waiting to be used.
The ER's are 2 nice long prep tables that contain chemicals to remove any unwanted fats, and other bad things from the Zataar, so it tastes healthy.
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