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Eliot Porter

This is a presentation on one of the most influential photographers in the 20th century.

Caroline Phillips

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Eliot Porter


Schooling/Early Stages
Beginning Of Career
Eliot Porter was ridiculed in a sense for having photos that stood out from the others. Most of the photos in that particular time period were little more than monotone depictions of a colorful landscape, so his stood out as being more colorful and emotional.
Eliot Porter resigned as a teacher to pursue his lifelong dream - capturing nature and especially ornithological photography.
World-Renowned Nature Photographer
He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in order to study birds and do more in-depth photography.
Later, 54 of his bird photographs were featured in a popular magazine, therefore increasing his overall fame as a photographer. He was the first official exclusive color-based nature photographer focusing on colored prints and steering away from the traditional black and white photographs. He had more than 8,000
color prints.
He was born on December 6,
1901, in Winnetka, IL
He got his first camera at age 10
and became an amateur photographer.
He moved to Great Spruce
Head Island at age 11.

He graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor's of Science degree and a medical degree.
He wanted to go to Harvard
because it was a family tradition
or legacy of sorts.
He died on November 2,
1990, in Santa Fe, NM at
the age of 89.

Books And Magazines
He created many books with the Sierra Club and made many magazine editorials and articles and contributed heavily to many newsletters.
Eliot Porter
This was one of his many famous
photographs of cave faces and openings.
He was regarded as an unusual
photographer because of his
interest in color prints and
pictures, while many were using
monotone, or black and white
He liked to photograph in a
forest behind his house,
so depending on the seasons,
the pictures varied wildly.
This was most likely a picture taken
in autumn, as the leaves are off of the
trees. Porter liked to take peaceful, calming
photographs, such as this one.
This photograph was one
taken in the forest at wintertime.
This picture was a bird, which was one of
the things Porter liked to photograph the most.
The only award he won was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship and plenty of certificates for participating in photographic events and sharing his
outlook on the world. He also had many books written about how his
photography impacted the world.
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