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Why East Sea rather than Sea of Japan?

EWRT 2 presentation

Mi Hwangbo

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Why East Sea rather than Sea of Japan?

Why it should be called
'East Sea' Do you know anything about the
Dispute between Two countries,
Korea and Japan? Is the reason of the dispute. How should we call it?

East Sea?
Sea of Japan? BUT 동해 (東海 )
East Sea Japanese argue
that they've used this name
Sea of Japan,
more than 2000 years
but 'East Sea' never used.
Not even by Koreans In 1530,
Korean Map 1737
by imperial Academy of Science,
Russia ( )
East Sea And So Many More. In the recent research,
407 maps made by Europe
that were created between 16c~20c, only 26.8% labled 'Sea of Japan'
and 73.2% labled 'East Sea' or 'Sea of Korea'
Especially before 18c, East Sea were used 190 times,
but Sea of Japan used only 8 times. East Sea
were used more often
and appeared in European maps
6 years earlier than
Sea of Japan. And even in
Ancient Japanese map
and records... ( )
( )
Chosen Hea,
Sea of Korea ( )
Chosen Hea,
Sea of Korea Before
The Period of
The Forced Japanese Annexation of Korea The history proves
the fact that even Japanese
didn't used the name
'Sea of Japan' And even if it was called
'Sea of Japan'... It isn't right to call
a body of water that is surrounded by
Korea, China, Russia, Japan 'Sea of Japan' we've sent many letter to the publishers
and mapmakers...
about this... 97% of the world map
only used 'Sea of Japan'
and only 3% used 'East Sea' in the past Now, 25% of world map
Uses the mark 'East Sea'
on their map If you are interested in
Chaging the world,
correcting the distorted history, please visit
VANK: Voluntary Agency Network of Korea www.prkorea.com This small body of water
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