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Five Stages of Plot

The five stages of plot. Tells the story in events of the Ghost of the Lagoon.

Jazmin Araiza

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Five Stages of Plot

The Five Stages of Plot
Ghost of the Lagoon first stage of plot- introduces the characters, setting, and sometimes the problem- There is a boy named Mako, he was born on the edge of the sea, he is a very clever boy and crafty with his hands. He had made a harpoon as straight as an arrow and he also built a canoe not so big just a little bit higher than his normal height. He has a little dog named Afa which is his very best companion, Him and Mako live in a little lagoon on the South Pacific with his grandfather and his mother. second stage of plot-Introduces the problem-Tupa the Ghost of the Lagoon, kills people, steals their food, and eats there fishing nets.
Mako finds out that his father had been one of the three fishermen that Tupa had killed. Mako had got shaky and angry. He wants revenge, he wants to avenge his fathers death, and so he told Afa for a mornin.
Mako's mother sent him to a expedition for a bunch of bananas. On the way to the jungle, Mako's mind came to Tupa. He thought I wanted to challenge Tupa.
Mako is practicing on a make belief Tupa. Once Mako was done getting a bunch of bananas he thought he should just get oranges, once he was done getting oranges, he had realized he had took to long. Mako had rushed back to the island, it had go dark he could she the shinning fires being lite from the glear on the water. Rising Action: Exposition: Climax: the third stage-most exciting part and the turning part of the story-Mako and Afa had headed back to shore, as they had headed back Mako had saw a dorsal fin. As shocked as he already, it was Tupa. The shark had swam in circles around the canoe, as he swam completely around he got closer and closer. The shark had tipped the canoe causing the canoe to flip, but as fast as Mako could approach he leaned the opposite direction trying to making the outrigger balance.While Mako had been leaning Afa had feel out, swimming right to shore. Mako had reconcered his braveness, threw his spear hitting him in the eye, pulled it back and hit the shark in the other eye, the most vulnerable spot. Mako thought, "Was he dead?" Falling Action Mako poked Tupa, he was still alive. Mako once again, stapped him in the shoulder. He sunk far below the lagoon then floated right above the water. Resolution: Mako had continued to head back to shore, dragging the shark from his dorsal fin. ON the way Mako could hear the islanders, and his grandfather, "Thirty acres of land and a sailing canoe."
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