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EPQ Presentation

No description

Claire Moore

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of EPQ Presentation

Serial killers are born.

They suffer from a syndrome causing two distinct personalities.

"Hyde" causes the individual to commit crimes.

"Jekyll" causes a mistake or guilt, which can lead to arrest or suicide.

The "Fractured Identity Syndrome"Theory
Serial killers are made.

They are the product of a series of social events.

These result in a fracturing of the personality.

They will withdraw from society.
The Fantasy-Addiction Model
The Debate
Nature vs Nurture
Evolutionary Model
Serial killers are born.

They are a product of evolution.

Crimes are committed for recognition.

Killers believe they are elevating themselves above society.
What is a serial killer?

Why is this an important distinction?
EPQ Presentation
Does not consider environmental factors.

Supported by incidents such as the Zodiac Killer, who want recognition.

Strongly supported by serial killer Randy Kraft.
"What are the psychological reasons behind the actions of serial killers?"
"I don't feel guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt."
-Ted Bundy
My Process
Are serial killers born...
...or made?
The "Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome" Theory
Serial killers are made.

They are addicts, like alcoholics, addicted to their fantasies.

Caused by neglect or abuse.

The fantasy serves as a replacement for feelings of failure.
Many killers have traumatic pasts.

Does not take into account biological factors.

This theory suggests killers cannot form relationships, however some can.

Supported by Kraft, Dahmer and Berkowitz.
Killers can be fitted into at least two theories.

Nurture theories cannot explain individuals who have suffered abuse and not killed.

Nature theories cannot explain killers with no brain abnormalities.

Neither approach is sufficient.

It is possible that there is no standalone cause.
Supported by high suicide rates (one third) among serial killers.

Does not consider environmental factors.

Disputed by serial killers who do not seem to feel remorse.

Strongly supported by David Berkowitz.
Does not take into account biological factors.

Not all killers have suffered abuse.

This theory suggests killers cannot form relationships, however some can.

Strongly supported by Jeffrey Dahmer.
How I planned/researched.

What went wrong/right.

What I would do differently next time.
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