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GSD Access Control & Samsung CCTV Integration

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Global Security Devices

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of GSD Access Control & Samsung CCTV Integration

2. Linking CCTV to Access Control Take a walk through the software 1. Configuration and setup What are the advantages? GSD video surveillance integration greatly enhances verification and challenge of users at doors - the operator will see live video surveillance footage of the user alongside the users photo.
GSD video surveillance integration also contains an easy to use video surveillance live monitoring feature, allowing the operator to monitor Access Control and video surveillance from a single application.
GSD video surveillance integration monitors status of each camera and alerts the operator with alarms for camera online/offline and video loss events. GSD is proud to announce the release of our unique integration software
that allows you to link your GSD access control system
with your Samsung video surveillance system. Access Control & CCTV Integration How does
it work? Samsung NVRs and DVRs are automatically detected and easily added to the GSD system
Any cameras connected to these Samsung NVRs/DVRs can then be assigned to GSD Access Control
Multiple cameras can be assigned per door, AND each camera can be assigned to multiple doors With our flexible integration, the operator can easily assign video surveillance cameras to GSD doors: The result of this is that the operator can quickly and easily view video surveillance footage of any GSD Access Control event.
As well as the relevant camera footage of the event at a door, the operator can also with one click view footage from all cameras at the time of the event.
Pre and Post recording times are individually configurable for each camera on each door. 3. Day to day usage of the system 4. CCTV Integration with GSD Reporting 1. Configuration and setup CCTV screen for a new site Adding devices Samsung DVRs and NDRs are auto-detected Adding a DVR - logging in The DVR has been added, channels shown below The NVR is added in the same way Assigning a name for a camera You can preview footage from a camera before assigning to GSD access control Preview footage All cameras added CCTV screen now shows cameras assigned to
GSD access control 2. Linking CCTV to Access Control We can now start assigning
doors to cameras Select next camera to assign doors to Selecting GSD events as trigger events on each camera. Access granted events shown. Selecting event category - Access denied events shown. Information events shown - including camera online and offline Alarm events shown Click to add each trigger. A set of typical trigger events have been added 3. Day to day usage of the system Click on Live Feeds button on the CCTV screen to see footage from all cameras assigned to GSD access control. Note camera names overlaid for all cameras, door names overlaid where camera is assigned to GSD door. Live Feeds with 9 Channels Based on our door and trigger assignments, we will see a CCTV icon in current events screen, indicating there is CCTV footage available for this event. Double click on the CCTV icon to playback the footage of the CCTV event. Note only one camera was assigned to the door at the time of the event. Click on Show All to view footage from all online cameras at the time of the event. Controls operate on all video windows. We can double click to zoom in on one camera. If user and door have challenge or verification enabled, CCTV footage from that door will be shown alongside the user’s photo. Camera Offline, Online and Video Loss events are handled and displayed on the current events screen. 4.CCTV Integration with GSD Reporting CCTV has been integrated to the existing reporting within GSD’s software. We can filter to show only CCTV events or only CCTV events from a specific camera. Historical CCTV events can be played back in the same way as current events, by double clicking the camera icon. From this list, the operator selects Access Control events of interest and relevance for video surveillance monitoring, on both per camera and per door basis. There are over 30 Access Control events which can be linked to video surveillance footage, giving the operator fine grained control over the integration. Thank you for viewing the presentation of

for a live demonstration of the system please contact our Business Developer Manager in your region. GSD Access Control and Samsung video surveillance integration Your Security Is Our Priority! Sales & Marketing Executive for Europe Andrea Skarica Business Development Manager for Republic of Ireland Tel: 01 524 2690
M: 087 214 2146 Gerry McLaughlin Billy Hopkins Business Development Manager for South of UK Tel: 0203 544 6389
M: 0778 823 2215 Guy Johnston Business Development Manager for North of UK Tel: 0161 300 4014
M: 0778 823 2248 Tel:+353 1 524 2691
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