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come to Cenneticit

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of come to Cenneticit

By Kaan inanoglu
Come to Connecticut
The founder of Conneticut is Thomas Hooker. Conneticut was founded in the early 1630's
The Capital of Conneticut is
Hartford. It is located central north in Conneticut
The weather in Conneticut. In winter it's usualy mild and in summer it's usualy warm but not too hot
If you like fun every night in Conneticut if you go to the nearest feild they are probaly doing stuff as a group
The religion in Conneticut was mostly puritan
Economy was based on farming and mechanical skills of people
Conneticut be came a state on jan 9, 1788
Fun Fact
In Conneticut in 1770 they had 183,881 people live there. In 2015 the population has been 3,620,979 . That's at least 20 times larger than 183,881
was not loading picture
Picture of farming
Mechanical factory
The area in Conneticut is about 4,845 square miles. That's not very big for a coloney.
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