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Rosemarie Rizzo-Parse

No description

Alyssa Henderson

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Rosemarie Rizzo-Parse

The Human Becoming Theory
Rosemarie Rizzo Parse

Putting the Human Becoming Theory to Use
Rosemarie Rizzo Parse
- 1924?
- graduated from Duquesne University and received her MSN & PhD from University of Pittsburgh
(Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 504)
- faculty member of University of Pittsburgh
(p. 504)
- Dean of Nursing School at Duquesne
(p. 504)
- founder of Nursing Science Quarterly and the Institute of Humanbecoming
(p. 504)
- received two Lifetime Achievement Awards
(p. 504)
- has published 9 books and more than 100 articles and editorials
(p. 503)
World Views
- Her principles and beliefs about the human becoming theory are
applicable to people of all areas of the world because it’s a nursing approach centered around universal humanly lived experiences
(p. 505-514)

Alligood, M. R., & Tomey, A. M. (2010). Nursing theorists and their work. (7th ed., pp. 503-535). Maryland Heights, Missouri: Mosby Elsevier.
Human Becoming Theory
Humans in mutual process with the universe structure meaning multidimensionally, coauthor health, freely choose ways of becoming, and move beyond each moment with hopes and dreams.

Guides the nurse to treat quality of life as it is perceived, described, and lived by each human being.
Meaning - "human becoming" is freely choosing personal meaning in situations in the intersubjective process of living value priorities. Man’s reality is given meaning through lived experiences ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011).

Rhythmicity – "human becoming" is co-creating rhythmical patterns of relating in mutual process with the universe ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011).

Transcendence – "human becoming" is co-transcending multidimensionally with emerging possibles ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011).

Everything in the person and his experiences ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)
Inseparable; complimentary to and evolving with each person ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)

A human science and art that uses an abstract body of knowledge to serve people ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)
Although many nursing schools don’t incorporate Parse’s theory into the curriculum until the master’s level, her ideas are increasingly being integrated into the undergraduate programs that believe that nursing is a science and an art that supports multiple perspectives
Nursing Process
During an assessment, don't make assumptions about a patient; the nurse must center focus around the PATIENT's reality, whatever that may be. The nurse must refrain from summarizing, comparing, judging, or labeling a situation. Provide unconditional regard rather than giving advice or teaching because the patient knows the best way to proceed, as per his/her perspective.
Nursing Diagnosis
How does it compare with
the TCNJ School of
Nursing philosophy?

What are your own thoughts
about this theory?

Alyssa Henderson & Marc Delcy
(DeSanto-Madeya & Fawcett, 2013, p. 341)
(Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 505)
combination of biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual factors ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)
unitary being in continuous, mutual interaction with environment ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)
cannot be reduced to component systems or parts and still be understood (Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 504)
Open process of being and becoming ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)
Involves synthesis of values ("Human Becoming Theory," 2011)
Research guided by humanbecoming sheds light on the meaning of universal humanly lived experiences such as hope, taking life day-by-day, grieving, suffering, and courage ("Rosemarie Rizzo Parse").
In other words, "human becoming" is the journey to become the best human we can be each, & every day
(Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 516)
Her works have been translated into many languages, and she regularly consults throughout the world with educational programs in nursing and with multiple disciplines in healthcare settings that are utilizing her work as a guide to research, practice, leadership, education, and regulation of quality standards ("Rosemarie Rizzo Parse").
(Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 521)
When formulating a nursing diagnosis, the nurse need's to respect the patient's reality. Provide information when the patients indicate their readiness to hear it (Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 522).
both humanistic
both view nursing as a human science
TCNJ focuses on self-actualization
Parse focuses on human becoming
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